Flexibility is the Key to Winning the Game of Life

Be Flexible

Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible to your approach. ~ Tom Robbins

One of the most played sports is badminton.  The basic rule in winning a badminton game is that a point will be scored each time the shuttlecock is served. A player gets a point by grounding the shuttlecock in the contender’s court and whenever the contender commits a fault.  Each game entails of a best-of-three game series. The winning player is the one who will reach a score of 21 or 29 points, with at least a two-point lead.

However, during badminton game, we missed to get the score because when we do our serve, the shuttlecock either will not pass across the net or it will land outside the court.  Also, we may miss the score when we are not able to reach and respond to the contender’s serve.

In playing badminton game, you need to have strong legs to keep up with all the running across the large court.  You also need a correct technique in swinging your arms to direct the racket in the right direction, so not to miss the shuttlecock.  It is also important to predict how your opponent hits the shuttlecock and where it hits so you will be prepared where to run and swing back the shuttlecock to your contender.

Badminton is a fast game that needs body and mind coordination and movements.  In order to win the game, you need to be fit, alert and flexible.  Added benefit of playing badminton game is that it’s a good way to exercise and lose weight.

The badminton sport, or any other sport, is a lot like life.  There are many rules and mechanics in sports that are the same with the rules and mechanics of life.

A common similarity of sport and life is flexibility.  In order to win in the game of sport and life, you have to be flexible.  It is the one of the most important key of winning.

In life, our flexibility is always tested.  There are many opportunities that pass by our life each day, if we are not flexible enough to see and grab these opportunities, we will lose.  But if we are flexible enough, there’s a great chance we will win.

An important lesson I’ve learned about sport and life is to:

See life as if you are playing a game.  Enjoy and have fun.  Be happy and laugh at yourself when you fail knowing you’ve tried.  And then dust yourself off and play again.

Winners are those who are able to be flexible enough to coordinate how their mind and body works, as well as, their contenders.


  1. True. Life IS a game. Learn the rules, and with the rules in mind,life gets both easier and funnier 🙂

  2. Let’s all be a winner of life’s game. 😀 thanks for your comment. keep coming back on our site. 🙂

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