Goal Without Persistent Action is a Sleep Dream

Each of us has dreams and goals for our future.  You may realize it or not, what drives you to move forward and work each day is directly related to your personal dream and goal.  Whatever your personal motivation is, it gives you enthusiasm and courage to face any circumstances along the way.

But why is it that despite having dreams and goals, you still end up with nothing?  How come you are not able to achieve success with your dreams and goals?

A goal without persistent action is nothing but a sleep dream.

What separates a successful  person compared to the rest of the dreamers is their persistent action.

This is the famous formula for Success:


Most people has defined what they want  (dreams) and has faith on the reality of their dreams (believe).  And then they do nothing, they just visualize, pray and leave the rest to faith to turn their dreams to reality.  And then when they get tired waiting and loses a lot in the process, they fret, complain and get stressed on how miserable their life is.

Below is Lifetofullest.com personal formula for success:


I personally believe that if you want (Really Really, as in Major Major, want) to achieve your dreams and goals in life, you have to add one ingredient to your success formula.  For me, this is the most important ingredient for success, and that’s to Take Persistent Action (ACT).

The bridge that connects your dreams and goals to reality is your actions.

Success is not something that falls down from the sky.  Most successful and rich people reached their status because of their persistent actions and belief on the reality of their dreams.

For my personal experience, I’ve encountered a lot of people who relates success to good luck.  That success in life is based on luck.  If you don’t have good lucks in your path, you’ll never achieve success.  This sole reason is what prevents majority of people to believe and act upon their dreams.  Because they think that their not lucky enough to bring success and prosperity in their life.

On the other hand, I always encounter people who just wait for things to happen in their life.  They know what they want, but they prefer to have fun and act upon other less important things, instead of focusing their time to take actions in turning their dreams to reality.  And then when things go wrong and they lose all resources, they cram and fret to acquire success in life.


A goal without persistent action is a sleep dream.

My favourite fable to illustrate this is The Story of a Turtle and a Rabbit.

(Note: Below story is my own personal version. It is my personal favourite fable which I’ve learned back in grade school, and I still remember the substance of the fable up to now. The form of my personal version may not be as accurate as the original version, but the substance is what I aim to illustrate in this personal version. =D)

There were two buddies named Pong (The Turtle) and Bugs (The Rabbit).  One morning, while the two were hanging out in the yard and letting the time pass, Bugs had an idea to eliminate their boredom.  He challenged Pong to a race to determine who among them the fastest runner is.

Bugs, known to be a fast runner, was very confident that he will win the race.  On the other hand, Pong, who was also bored, decided to take the challenge despite the fact that he is known to have a slow pace in walking, what more in running.

And so the race began. Bugs, proven to be the fastest animal, was ahead of the race.  In just a few minutes, he was already miles ahead of Pong.  Having faith to his obvious victory and having confidence that he was still far ahead of Pong, he decided to take a rest and sleep.

On the other hand, Pong had the determination to win the race.  He knew he was slow and Bugs was really fast, but that didn’t stopped him from taking action in pursuing the race and have faith to his victory.  So he gave his energy and time to take each slow but persistent step to the finish line.

Finally, Bugs woke up from his sleep.  And as he stretches his arms yawning, he saw Pong is almost at the finish line.  Panicking and cramming, he finally stood up and continued to run the race, but it was too late.  Pong already reached the finish line before Bugs did.  Pong won the race! 😀

Morale of the story:

For “Bugs-like” People:  Even if you have goals of reaching the victory of a finish line, and have all the skills to back up your goals, if you don’t take persistent action, nothing will happen.  You’ll never reach the finish line as a winner.

For “Pong-like” People: On the other hand, even if you are slow and have a weak skills to back up your goals, but if you continue to take small steps and persist with your actions,  in time, you will reach the finish line and you’ll be the winner.

Now, what are you?  Are you like Bugs or Pong?

Hope you’ve been enlightened by this blog post.  And I appreciate if you can leave your comments or feedbacks on what this post did to you.

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