3 Guides to Decision Making

Studies have tested that human failure, unhappiness, stress, brokenness, and lack of success are caused by lack of decision, of choice.

In Life, we are filled with choices, especially in our current world. But despite that overflowing choice, we are still often trapped by a world that sends us nothing but difficulty, which we often blamed to destiny. But the truth, no one should be blamed but you. You had the choice, you just decided not to choose.

This simple principle of decision is often neglected when what’s at stake is the seriousness of one’s personal life and future. When we want something small, it’s so easy for us to decide and take action upon it. But when important things should be decided on, we let destiny do the decision. This is sad but most often reality for many.

Below is a story of Two (2) Eggs deciding:

Two eggs were telling each other what they wanted to be when they hatch.

The 1st Egg said, “I want to be an OYSTER when I hatch. An oyster just stays in the water and never has to make any decisions.  The currents of the ocean just move it about and it doesn’t have to plan on what’s ahead of him.  The ocean water brings its food.  Whatever the ocean provides is what the oyster receives, no more, no less.  That’s the life for me.  It may be limited, but there are no decisions to make and no responsibilities to accomplish.  There’s a secure existence controlled only by the ocean.”

The 2nd Egg however said, “That’s not the life for me.  I wish to be an EAGLE for it is free to go where it wants to go and do what it pleases.  Of course, it is responsible for hunting its own food and making survival decisions, but it is also free to fly as high as the highest mountains.  The eagle is in control, instead of being controlled by others.  I want no limits placed upon me, nor do I want to be slave of the ocean.  I am willing to expend the efforts required to live the life of an eagle.  I will create my own destiny.”

The decision is yours, which do you want to be, an OYSTER or an EAGLE?  It’s your choice.

If you decide to be an oyster, I guess you can now leave this blog since it is a guide to decision making and it’s something you don’t seek for.  Guide to decision making is about taking control of your life like an eagle does.

I’m not going to say being oyster is bad, for who would want to have a life of no choice and responsibility?  It’s a perfect scenario in a perfect world.  But in a world like where I live, and the world you probably live as well, life isn’t perfect.  Life is actually full of imperfect circumstances that makes it more harder to live by.  How much more if I’m not deciding on it?

Life without freedom is no life at all. – Braveheart

If you’re reading this far, I’m thinking you’re either one of the brave souls who wants to take control of their life or the “not-so-brave-soul” but have seen the bad effects of indecision so you want to change and do something about it, and you just need a guide to decision making.  Either way, I congratulate you for you’ve made a decision and you won’t regret it, for this post will be of great help to you now and in your future decision makings.  So to start bringing freedom, fulfilment, happiness and success to your life by learning and applying these three (3) Guides to Decision Making:

1) Determine the WHAT:  Want, Do and Be

The first guide to decision making is to list down WHAT you really WANT, DO and BE.

  • Want – Things you want to have.
  • Do – Something you want to act upon.
  • BE – The qualities, traits, values and attitudes you want to be.

(Refer to 3 Negative Traits Paralyzing Life’s Success and Happiness for detail steps and samples)

Listing down the WHAT determine the RESULT of your decision in life.

Knowing what you want is like having a “blueprint”.  When you have a blueprint or a guide, it will be easier for you to decide if a circumstance or offer is worth giving up or taking in.  And in times of difficult moments, you have a clear objective on what to decide and take action.  You will never feel lost if you have this blueprint in your hand.  For it will be easier for you to direct the path you have to take or quit a path that’s not align to your blueprint.  This blueprint is the reason why most successful people can easily decide and take action.

2) Determine the WHY: Motivation

The second guide to decision making is to examine the WHY which motivates you in your quest to life.

We want something for a reason and the density of our reason is the fuel that drives us more or less to what we want, do and be.  Our wants will be meaningless without our whys.  This is the reason why there are wants we achieve and we do not.  The former is usually rooted with a deep why.

Typical reasons include:

  • To provide the lifestyle that you want
  • To provide the needs of your family and significant others
  • To bring fulfilment in your life
  • To make your family proud
  • To gain power, prestige and honor
  • To have the time and freedom in your life
  • To acquire all the good things in life
  • To tour your family around the world
  • To teach and help people
  • To serve God
  • To bring happiness and peace
  • And the list goes on

Remember, you have to support the WHAT with a WHY.  Having a WHAT backed up by WHY doubles the ability of your blueprint to come to reality.  And whenever circumstances happens that you have to decide on quitting or staying, you have more confidence and firmness in the decision that you’ll take because you know what and why is it for.

3)      Determine the HOW: Machine

The third guide to decision making and probably the hardest of the three is the HOW can you pursue and stick to your decision.

This is the bridge that separates the 10% of successful and happy individual from the rest of the 90% unsuccessful and unhappy ones.  At this stage, most people feels like they’re in a crossroad of their current life and their dream life.  And sadly, a lot of people gives up at this stage.

If you’re in a stage where the deciding is urgent, if you already know you WHAT and WHY, this stage will be much easier for you.  If the decision to stay or give up is align to what you’ve listed in your WHAT and WHY, don’t be afraid to take that decision now and just learn the HOW’s along the way.  It will be easier for you to do the HOW as long as it’s align with your WHAT and WHY.

But if the deciding stage isn’t urgent, it’s time you first identify the HOW of your WHAT and WHY.  Give at least 6 months after you’ve determine your HOW before you jump into it.  It will give you proper time to prepare.

HOW can be achieve thru:

  • Observation;
  • Attending seminars/classes/trainings/etc;
  • Reading books;
  • Talking to those who’ve already achieved it; and
  • Endless more ways to determine how

But just a bit of reminder that you shouldn’t prolong deciding your how and before you take action because you might be trapped by the syndrome “Someday May Never Come” of most indecision.

I hope the three (3) Guide to Decision Making didn’t just entertained you but have left a great insight you will apply in your real life.

A simple quote I want to leave:

When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice.  – William James

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