Less is more

Imagine you're in a house with so many things cluttered in it that you can't move around. Do you feel stressed or burdened by the sight? Do you look forward to live in that house? Now imagine that same house, but this time, it has few things in it that's neatly organized.  It's not a big house but it has more space to move around. Do you feel relaxed or peaceful with the sight? Would you prefer to live in that house?  As you grow in this business, you learn how to do more with less. ~ Morgan Freeman Every day, we are given a choice which house to stay in. Our life is a lot like a house that we either fill-up with so many things or we maintain less things. Such choice determines if our life will be stressful or not.Take for an instance, a person who says yes to everything and can't say no. This person will end up doing so many things which will consume most of his time. He will be able to handle it well in the beginning, but later on, he'll find himself … [Read more...]

Be Kind and Considerate

Every day, we interact with different kinds of people, from our home, school, workplace, community, etc. Our ability to manage our interactions with other people creates an impact on how good or bad our day (or life in general) will become. In the past, when I was in my teens and early twenties, I wasn’t good in interacting and relating with other people. I was introverted, shy and conservative. I get conscious whenever I talk to people especially when I’m in a crowd. I care about what other people will say about me that’s why I prefer avoiding the crowd and just hang out with selected few people in order not to get offended or hurt. I even tend to get controlling and clingy. And the worst part is that I always end up having a fight or broken relationship with another person whether it’s at home or in school. But luckily I was able to change my attitude and improve my ability to deal and interact with other people.  It wasn’t an instant process though, it took a few years and I’m … [Read more...]

Have a Dream

William Arthur Ward once said, If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.  I’ve always been a person who has dreams; some may call it goals or ambitions. In fact, I used to have lots of dreams that people around me thinks I’m crazy to even dream about it. One of the “crazy” dreams I had was becoming my own boss, building and growing my own business or company. Almost three years ago, I took the risk and quitted my high-paying job to follow that dream. And as usual, people around me thought I was crazy or maybe even stupid to give up almost everything I had just to make my “crazy” dream a reality. I wish I could tell you it that my dream was made reality in an instant. But it didn’t. After I quitted my secured and high-paying job, I was not successful. In fact, I even felt like a failure for a while. Sure I was able to do what I like to do, but the money wasn’t coming in. I wasn’t building and growing a … [Read more...]

Take Care of the People that Matters in Your Life

It's my sons seven month birthday today. We're planning to celebrate it with his regular menu, or template as his dad teases me, Chinese noodle and chocolate cake. He has grown big the past couple of months, and as a mom, I really feel blessed and happy seeing his growth and development. I realized having a baby makes you value the gift of life even more.When I was single, I only care about my dreams, wants and needs. There were times I cared for my family's financial needs too. My time was spent in building a good career and succeeding in life. I didn't care much about other things except that.But now that I have a baby, it changed my perspective in life. My career and success oriented mindset has changed. I am no longer too concern in succeeding and having a good career. My top priority is making sure my sons is taken care of.My sons birth made me learned the value of life. That it is not solely about succeeding and having a good career. It is not about owning a lot … [Read more...]

Define Happiness: What Happiness Means to You?

Happiness depends upon ourselves.  ~Aristotle An important lesson I learned about happiness is that you define it. You are able to create it; you have a choice to be happy.Honestly, it wasn't that easy for me to accept it before because how come I still feel unhappy and struggling to choose happiness? I only started to agree you define your happiness when I took time to think of what happiness means to me. I defined my happiness.Every day, we are faced with a lot of reasons to be dissatisfied with our life. Things won't go the way we want it or we don’t get what we want. And then there will be people we find it difficult to deal with. These scenarios often cause our stress and unhappiness, if we focus our attention to it. If we let the circumstance affect us from seeing the things or people that makes us happy.What Does Happiness Means to You? When I wrote down what happiness means to me, I was able to come up with a list. And the top 3 in my list are these:It is … [Read more...]