When Life Takes a Detour

For every failure, there’s an alternative course of action. You just have to find it. When you come to a roadblock, take a detour. ~ Mary AshIn life, no matter how sure you are with where you want to go, and you have move towards it, a roadblock comes and stop you on your track. It will create a detour from where you are, to where you want to be. It happened to me, and I’m sure it happened to you at some point in your life. One of my unforgettable detour was in the year 2012. Back then, I was sure of what I wanted, and I was somehow living it. I wanted a life free from the normal cycle, some call the “Rat Race”.  I wanted time and financial freedom. I wanted to continue writing blog articles and publish more books through this website, www.lifetofullest.com  I wanted to do public speaking events to promote entrepreneurship, financial planning and personality development. And most especially, I wanted to spend more time taking care of my little son who was just born that year. My … [Read more...]

10 Things to Remember When You Travel

  To travel is to live. ~ Hans Christian Anderson If I won't think of money or work, the one thing I would do is to travel. Because traveling to places makes me appreciate the beauty of the world and it makes me feel alive when I get to see different places and experience different things. Traveling isn't something I had the privilege to do before. I used to be the breadwinner of the family and my income was just enough to sustain our needs. And traveling was least in my financial priority. But nowadays, after realizing the benefit of traveling, I try to include it in my financial budget. Since then my goal is to travel with my family at least once a year. And for the past three years, we've been going to new places each year. Traveling is a wonderful and liberating experience. I have learned many things with our travels which I want to share with you in this article. This article is especially useful for first time traveller or who would want to start traveling. It's my … [Read more...]

Have a Break

The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention. ~ Anthony J D'Angelo Sometimes we get too busy taking care of our responsibilities at home, in our work or business, and in our community, that we lose time and attention to ourselves. We are always pre occupied and hurried to do things that we rarely have time to rest or have a break. Time flew by and you wake up realising you haven't live or accomplish anything worthwhile. I have felt such feeling of restlessness and lack of accomplished tasks. Where I am always busy working yet nothing much changes in my life. Such situation then leads me to frustration and unhappiness.Do You Need a Break? Depending on your working orientation, but if you find yourself asking if you need a break, most probably you do. Because thinking of having a break and you don't is already stressful enough that if you don't may only further your feeling of restlessness and anxiety.Too Busy for a Break? Having a break … [Read more...]

How to Keep a Positive Attitude?

Attitude is everything. - Charles Swindoll I learned this wisdom few years ago when I was still struggling with my own negative attitude, and it took me awhile before I was able to apply it my daily life cause old habits are indeed hard to break. Raised in an environment of pessimist, I tend to look at the bad (negative) side rather than the good (positive). Until I learned how pessimism is creating stress and lack of success in my life because I always complain on so many things. I also found it hard to relate with other people 'cause I always think I'm being criticized or attacked. I guess being pessimistic makes you self-centered too 'cause you always think about you, how you think, feel or do. And how people should agree on you or else you'd start feeling negative.3 Benefits of Keeping a Positive Attitude The benefit in trying your best to change this negative attitude is countless. Not only your emotional feeling will improve, but also all the other aspects of your life will do … [Read more...]

Less is more

Imagine you're in a house with so many things cluttered in it that you can't move around. Do you feel stressed or burdened by the sight? Do you look forward to live in that house? Now imagine that same house, but this time, it has few things in it that's neatly organized.  It's not a big house but it has more space to move around. Do you feel relaxed or peaceful with the sight? Would you prefer to live in that house?  As you grow in this business, you learn how to do more with less. ~ Morgan Freeman Every day, we are given a choice which house to stay in. Our life is a lot like a house that we either fill-up with so many things or we maintain less things. Such choice determines if our life will be stressful or not.Take for an instance, a person who says yes to everything and can't say no. This person will end up doing so many things which will consume most of his time. He will be able to handle it well in the beginning, but later on, he'll find himself … [Read more...]