Have a Dream

William Arthur Ward once said,

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.


I’ve always been a person who has dreams; some may call it goals or ambitions. In fact, I used to have lots of dreams that people around me thinks I’m crazy to even dream about it.


One of the “crazy” dreams I had was becoming my own boss, building and growing my own business or company. Almost three years ago, I took the risk and quitted my high-paying job to follow that dream. And as usual, people around me thought I was crazy or maybe even stupid to give up almost everything I had just to make my “crazy” dream a reality.


I wish I could tell you it that my dream was made reality in an instant. But it didn’t. After I quitted my secured and high-paying job, I was not successful. In fact, I even felt like a failure for a while. Sure I was able to do what I like to do, but the money wasn’t coming in. I wasn’t building and growing a business. For a while, I was just an unemployed CPA struggling to create a business.


But instead of continuously feeling sorry and miserable with my decision to quit my high-paying job to pursue my dream of becoming my own boss, what I did was to continue looking for ways to make my dream a reality.


Finally, I was slowly seeing my dreams turning to reality when another road block happened. Such event almost loses my desire to even have wants in life. But I didn’t let my anxiety and problem step on my dream so I persevered despite the great challenge. I tried to keep my eagerness to make my dream a reality.


And I’m happy to share that I’m there, my dream has finally came true. I’m now my own boss running my own accounting services firm. It’s not as prestigious as the previous company I’ve worked with. But it doesn’t matter. I am living my dream. And I’m continuously developing ways to achieve another dream I’m now pursuing, which is to grow the company, be able to employ more people and help more businesses.


There are times when people and clients come to my office; I get amazed on how the power of dream can turn into your life around. How something that used to be so distant became so near.


The Magic of Dream


I remember when I was still struggling with a lot of crisis, I heard of this phrase:

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you’ll land among the stars. ~ Brian Littrell


This quote has guided me to seek for light in the darkness. It fueled my drive to pursue my dream. It made me believe that as long as I dream, there will better futures for me. Better than the struggles I was facing.


Right now, you may be in the same pain, struggle or anxiety that I used to have. In this moment, never forget to dream for a better future. That’s the only way out to your struggles. And if you dream, make sure it’s big enough.


The lesson I want to leave with you in this blog is to believe in the magic of dream. Dream is one of the free things in the world but the value it has is limitless. Don’t stop dreaming for once you do, you’ll missed a lot of beautiful things in life.


Remember that it’s better to dream of something, at least there’s still something positive to look forward to. As Eleanor Roosevelt has said,

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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