4 Habits to Healthy Lifestyle

GuestPost by: Amit Kumar

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It’s been three years in my IT job and many things have changed. Some of the changes have been good but I have suffered a lot on the health front. I have put on lot of weight and have lost glow on my face.  The person sitting in front of me is only 30 years of age and is suffering from blood pressure and diabetes. Similar is the case with many of my other friends who have started their own business. We all seem to be losing on health front and reasons are inherited in our lifestyle. Our lifestyle has changed a lot and many of the changes are affecting our fitness. I recently went for an adventure tour to uttarkashi and had a chance to live 15 days away from TV, Mobile and all the luxuries of metro life. I thoroughly enjoyed those 15 days and this article is an analysis of village life and their lifestyle and how city life has introduced life spoiling habits in our daily routine. Let’s start this article with a beautiful view of uttarkashi mountains.

Healthy Habits #1:  Habit of Drinking Water Instead of Tea/Coffee

We wake up in the morning and the first thing we want is a cup of tea or coffee. It has a bad effect on our health. Any stimulant like tea or coffee which has caffeine jolts the system out of slumber. When we sleep, our blood sugar level drops in night and that is the reason we feel low in the morning. Our cells need energy that have been starving from 8 to 10 hours. This can be achieved only by a nutritious diet. Tea or coffee increases the blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate and makes the body feel stressed or ‘kicked’. Sadly, we mistake this for feeling awake. I saw people drinking lot of
water in the morning during my adventure trip. They used to store water in a copper vessel. I thought this was just a normal practice but later found out it is backed by a strong scientific reason. Storing water in a copper vessel destroys most of the germs and bacteria (even ‘ecoly’).  Drinking lots of water in the morning purifies our body.

It is suggested to have 4-5 glasses of water without brushing our teeth and not to take food for 45 minutes. Our saliva contains many germs and bacteria killing elements and drinking water in the morning helps in proper purification of our body which has accumulated many toxins at the end of day. I have tried this and results have been quite motivating.

Healthy Habits #2:  The Habit of Eating at the Right Time

I can’t recall exactly when I started skipping my lunch and supplementing it with Tea/ Coffee. I was working in an IT company and was always having tight deadlines for my work. The first thing that I used to do was skipping my lunch and keep working till 4 o clock in afternoon and having tea/coffee in between. This one habit affected my digestive system a lot and I started having lots of stomach problems. When I interacted with my friends and colleagues I found this habit was inherited in most of the IT professionals and businessmen. It was almost like a fashion to skip lunch and keep working to supplement tight deadlines. The problem here is that our stomach doesn’t understand that we have meetings, conferences, deadlines, presentations, fixed lunch hours etc. And it is on a mission to remain true to its dharma .So, it keeps secreting hydrochloric acid asking us to eat. But we are smarter than the stomach , the minute it sends us the signal to eat we either give it a tea, coffee, cigarette, mint, pan masala or chewing gum etc (depending on our taste) and almost always chose not to eat, trying to starve off those hunger pangs as long as possible . When the hunger signal become unbearable we finally suffocate the stomach with so much that we progressively work at weakening it and therefore the hunger signals that it can send to our brain. Not eating at time and later supplement it with overheating of junk food is the biggest problem of today’s professionals. I was eating at right time while on the adventure tour and we had a fixed routine of waking up at 5, morning exercise till 6:30, breakfast at 6:45, lunch at 12:30 and dinner at 8 with snacks in between. This routine made me feel much better and all my stomach problems vanished in those 15 days. I have observed that people are very specific about eating at right time in villages and that is one of the secret s of their fitness.

Healthy Habits #3:  The Habit of Exercising or Physical Activity

I feel that we are becoming inactive day by day. City life is moving towards inactivity and people like to spend time with TV/Laptop/Mobile and many similar things of Physical comfort. Our routine includes sleeping till late, eating at wrong time, and working till late at night. This routine has not only reduced our overall energy level, but also leads to inactivity and loss of fitness. While in the village of uttarakhand, I found that people used to walk a lot for their daily work and that was enough for fitness. In metro, we all keep joining gym to lose fat, stay fit and to look good, but still we lose the motivation to go gym after some days and end up losing our money and gaining nothing. The reason is that the overall change in lifestyle is very important, just joining gym cannot increase our fitness. The routine should include waking up early, drinking lots of water at empty stomach, doing some physical activity, breakfast at right time, lunch at 12:30, dinner at 8 and sleeping till 11 or at most 12. Physical activity like yoga/walking/training with light weights and cardio not only improves your physical fitness, but also your mental fitness. Today’s busy life with long working hours increases stress and it is important to remember at all times (while fighting with your spouse, getting frustrated by traffic, overworking, etc) that stress is the biggest enemy and is the root cause of all diseases. Daily physical activity or exercising helps us in reducing this stress and get rejuvenated again at the end of the day.

Healthy Lifestyle #4:  The Habit of Being Calm and Balancing

When the mind is stressed, agitated, worked up, sad, angry and distracted we don’t secrete any digestive juices. We sure eat but nothing gets digested or absorbed. Because we are feeling disturbed or stressed in our mind, most of the food gets converted to fat (the natural reaction of the body when it thinks it’s under threat).  Stress (caused by work, finance, relationship, traffic, lack of sleep, etc) leads to secretion of cartisol in our body. The function of cartisol is to lower our metabolic rate, prevent fat burning and help convert food to fat. But we can reduce our cartisol production by leading disciplined
life. Waking up close to sunrise, finding means of self expression and by keeping all our senses focused on one thing at a time (most important thing) we can reduce stress and achieve a calm state of mind. Every human being is a house with four rooms of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If we don’t spend balanced time in each of the rooms, we won’t be able to live with a balanced state of mind. Physical room includes giving care to your body and health.

Mental room includes giving time to nurture your intelligence, mindset and growth as an individual. Emotional room includes giving proper time to your feelings, maturity and relationship with other people. Spiritual room includes giving time in development of your faith, values, commitment, meditation and beliefs. Once we start giving more time and focus to one of the rooms, we start losing our peace of mind. Only a calm state of mind can keep us healthy and fit in this stressful life.

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