Strive for a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the biggest challenges in our society now is how to keep a healthy lifestyle.  It requires not only discipline, but as well as change, in the way we do things.

Balancing work and life has been a hard task for many, especially if we have family and work to take care of.  We strive to squeeze our limited time to earn a living and maintain our careers, and build good relationships with our family, friends and other people.

Since we have limited time, often, what we sacrifice is the time we have for ourselves.  We neglect to spend time just to reflect, relax and take care of our health.

Honestly, I’m not the fit person you’ll ever meet.  I’m underweight and have been thru weight gained programs.  I’ve gained some muscles yet lose it eventually.

In the past, I’ve used to care for my health the least.  I was too busy with my professional career that I tend to abuse my body.  Often, I deprive myself with complete sleep and seldom find time to relax since the demand of work was really tight.  I’ve even risked myself and my health to the danger of graveyard work shift.

I only started to became health conscious when I felt my body weakened, I had a lot of complications I’ve needed to get treated, like hormonal imbalance, ovarian cyst, keloid and acne treatments, and malnourishment.  And because of my negligence to take care of my health, I’ve experienced a lot of painful procedures to get myself cured.

Because of those agonizing experiences, I’ve learned how important it is to take care of your health.  Prevention is indeed better than cure.  Though I haven’t completely achieved such goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, yet, I’m doing my best to take care of my health more than I ever.

Health is Wealth

Majority of people tend to give less priority to health and wellness.  We are too busy with other concerns in life that we only deal with health issues when illness comes along.

But health, unlike all the other things in life, is hard to redeem back once illness comes in.  Our life may never be the same again once our health stops to be well.

Not only our work, business or career will be affected, but including our relationships with family and friends.  Sometimes, even our relationship with our own self becomes affected too.  We tend to become negative, emotionally depressed and we lose interest in life.  And once we lose ourselves, people around us may find it hard to deal with us as well.

As for our work, business or career, we can always start over again, but with our health, we may not be given a chance to start over.

Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

If you want to avoid the negative impacts of unhealthy lifestyle, here are some tips on how you can start living a healthier lifestyle:

1.  Visit a Nutritionist

When I was studying, the subject I couldn’t find interest at was biology for healthcare science.  I was a math person, I love any subjects with numbers, yet I really find it hard to survive science.  Only when I was grown up that I’ve realized how important it is to understand and study science, especially healthcare science.  Science affects everything we do.

If you’ve sleep through your science classes, just like I did back in school days, and you don’t know the food pyramid, start your healthy lifestyle by visiting a nutritionist.

Depending on your body type, like malnourish, normal, or obese, the nutritionist can give you the proper advices on the right nutritional and healthy eating habits for you.   People have different metabolism and nutritional needs.  Don’t rely solely on what people tell you are good or bad, it’s best if you consult to a nutritionist the best combination for you.

2.  Exercise

It was last year when I started to invest seriously in my health and fitness.   And personally, it was one of the best things I’ve done so far.  The few months exercising in the gym didn’t only help me gained weight, but it also helped me look vibrant, as well as it also helped creating a happier mood for me.  It reduces depression and anxiety because it improves your well-being.  Right now, I’ve stopped going to the gym because I’m pregnant and was confined to bed rest, but I’m looking forward to go back to the gym and exercise again.

If you want to start being healthy, fit and achieve a good well-being, invest some time and money to fitness club.  It is also a good way to keep you busy, in a healthy way.  Plus you’re able to meet and see different people.

3.  Do a Sport Activity

If you find exercising as boring and lonely, you can stay fit with an alternative healthy activity, and that’s being involved in a sport activity.

Personally, I love swimming.  It improves my stamina and resistance.  And it keeps me relaxed whenever I’m swimming into the deep water.

To start living a healthier lifestyle, find time to do sport activity at least once a week.  Choose the type of sport activity that suits you best.  It can be swimming, tennis, badminton, basketball, football, bowling, golf, running, etc.

4.  Take 6 to 8 Hours Complete Night Sleep

A complete and well sleep is a scarcity for many.  Often, people are either working too much or partying too much that they become sleep deprived.

Sleep is the most important ingredient to keeping a good health.  And it’s one of the inexpensive commodities that we neglect to take advantage of.

Make sure to have a complete rest at least 6 hours a day.  You’ll save yourself future hassle of going to hospital curing illnesses.

5.  Drink Plenty of Water

Another easy and inexpensive way to stay healthy is drinking lots of water.  In a day, drink at least 8 glasses of water.

Drinking plenty of water helps our body in many ways.  Drinking plenty of water helps regulate our body temperature, it cleanses the toxins we put in our body, it helps our organs to absorb nutrients better, and it improves our metabolism, moistures the air in our lungs and it aids in enhancing our skin.

6.  Do Annual Medical Check-Ups

Frequently, we only remember to have medical check-ups when we already feel something’s not right with our body or we heard someone we know has suffered or died with a particular disease.  Only then we rush in the hospital to make sure we are still healthy and won’t suffer the same.  Most people only act upon destruction not on prevention.

To keep yourself healthy, ensure that you do annual medical check-up.  Remember, most diseases don’t happen overnight.  Oftentimes, there are small early signs that we just neglect to recognize until it hits us big time.   Conducting annual medical check-ups ensures that you get to see those early signs or symptoms before they become destructive illness.  It is easier to cure disease when they’re still in their early stages compared to when it’s already fatal because it was left unchecked.

7.  Relax and Be Stress Free

This may surprise you, but stress is a mental illness that’s caused solely by yourself.  It’s true when they say that Stress is a choice.  We become stressed because we let our mind think of the situation as difficult.  That’s how powerful our mind is if you learn how to control it.

To eliminate stress, practice relaxation.  Control your mind to rest and be stress-free.  If you want some tips on controlling stress, check this blog article:

8.  Aim for a Balanced Work and Life

An important aspect of keeping a healthy lifestyle is to maintain a balanced well-being.  And to achieve a good well-being is by learning to balance work and life.  Work smart instead of working hard, and at the same time, spare some time to just relax and rejuvenate by doing some aspect of your life, like exercising, learning new things, visiting new places, and mingle with different kinds of people.  If you need more help in achieving balanced work and life, go to this article:


Keeping a healthy lifestyle is not all about eliminating or minimizing diseases.  It’s about maintaining a strong and fit well-being.  Because as they say:


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  ~ World Health Organization, 1948


I don’t have all the answer in keeping a healthy lifestyle, this suggestions are just based on the lessons I’ve learned the past years I’ve been trying to keep myself healthy.  If you have more suggestions or tips in keeping a healthy well-being, please feel free to leave your suggestion in the comment box.


  1. Absolutely!

    Eating healthy and making changes to your lifestyle does not mean you have to go to the extremes.

    Living a healthy lifestyle is not as hard as people think…get the knowledge…

    Looking forward on it!

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