How Good Are You In Taking Charge of Your Life?

Two weeks ago, I gave birth to my first born child. My family and I are very happy that he came out as a healthy baby boy. And for the past couple of days, my full attention and time is focused on taking care of him.

Taking care of a newborn baby is indeed not an easy work. In fact, I consider it one of the most challenging tasks I ever performed. Looking after a new born will take a lot of your time and energy because the baby is in need of your full attention. A newborn needs you to take care of everything for him/her, from his/her feeding, bathing, peeing, pooping, burping and even sleeping, all these things depend on you. And they do these things at an interval of every 2-3 hours. And what does it mean to you? It only requires you to be awake almost 24 hours just to ensure the newborn baby gets everything he/she needs when she/he demands it, or else, you will hear loud scream and cry.

This needy and demanding behavior of a newborn is acceptable and expected since they are still adjusting to the new world they just entered into. By that, they are still not aware with what to do and how to handle even themselves that’s why they need us adult (mature people) to guide and take care of them. But as the newborn grow older in time, he/she will be more acquainted into the world and will eventually learn to take care of himself.

While taking care of my son and analyzing his needy plus demanding behavior, I can’t help not to think about how many adults act like a new born baby who does not seem to be able to grow up, mature and take care of themselves, of their life. They live their life in terms of other people, like parents, bosses, friends or even God. They depend on other people’s care and approval. They cannot decide and make choice for themselves, they cannot act and do things according to their want, and they can’t take care of their own needs. What they do is to demand it from others. And when they aren’t able to get what they want (because of their own lack of decision and action) they feel unhappy, they cry and complain endlessly. They don’t realize that their inability to take charge of their life is the reason why nothing happens to it. It’s not the fault of their family, friends, boss, co-workers, or even God. There’s no one to blame but themselves.

Adults Behaving Like a Baby

The point I want to emphasize here is that our life depends on us, unless you are a newborn baby whose basic need depends on those who take care of you. So every time you find yourself being needy, demanding and dependent on others, remember you are acting immaturely like a newborn baby.

I can’t help but to emphasize that the only moment that great change and happenings will come into your life begins at the day you start to take charge of your own life. When you learn to start deciding for yourself and doing what you want without thinking of trying to please other.

Starting today, don’t be like a newborn that still need others to take care of them. Be a mature person who knows how to take charge of their own life. Start deciding and making choices for yourself. Do what you want and stop trying to fit in to the description and expectations of other people. Remember, it’s your life; you are the one responsible to it.

For a final note, let me leave you this phrase, it’s one of my favorite:

Who we are is God’s gift to us. But who we become is our gift to God.


  1. Cristine Torilla says:

    Hi Ms. Lou, you really inspired me each and everyday. you writings are motivational.
    May God Bless you and may you inspired many people.

  2. Hi Cristine! Glad to hear that our articles have been a source of motivation for you.Thanks too for supporting our site! 🙂

  3. A very inspirational and motivating piece, if I may say so myself. And to your baby boy, welcome to the world, little one!

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