How I Was Able to Live Life to the Fullest And How You Can Too!!

This post is a bit personal because I’m about to share the activities, experiences, lessons learned, freedom and fun I’ve gained in the year that passed since I’ve created “Live Life to the Fullest”.

I’ve been blogging about “Live Life to the Fullest” for more than a year now, and to tell you honestly, when I started “Live Life to the Fullest” in 2009, Living Life to the Fullest was a dream, a goal.

Back to early days of “Live Life to the Fullest”, I was living a busy and stressful life.  I was an accountant working on a graveyard shift.  Most of the time, I had to stay beyond the normal 8hours shift.   I always find myself working alone in the whole 31st floor on Sundays and Holidays.  I didn’t have much time to spend in other things in my life, except for working.  Invites from friends are always turned down because of the time differences and work responsibility at hand.  I can still remember how stressed I looked in those days.  To give you some idea, I’ll attach a picture of myself here…plus, I’ll give you a glimpse of what my work area looks like…

(My Old Stressful Look)(My Old Busy Work Area)

At that time, I have gone through a very depressing moment in my life that I’ve told myself to just focus on succeeding in life.  This is why I give my whole time to just working, plus it was my way of diverting my heart aches.  But a moment came when I’ve started to reflect on what was wrong in my current state.  And since the moment I’ve recognized I needed some change in the way I spend my time, that’s when I’ve started to create a personal change and a purpose of spreading “Live Life to the Fullest”.  That was the start of my journey of creating positive changes in my mindset, attitude, and habits, how I deal with people, and my life as a whole.  All my experiences, realizations and lessons learned were all written down here in Live Life to the Fullest.

Now, after a year giving birth to “Live Life to the Fullest”, my life is completely different and I can honestly say I’m living it to the fullest.  And I want to share with you some of those changes…


What’s an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a term applied to the type of personality who is willing to take upon him a new venture or enterprise and accepts full responsibility for the outcome.

From being a Professional Accountant working on a big firm, I’ve decided to become a Self-Employed Accountant, Entrepreneur and Personal Development Blogger/Coach.  Below is how I look like now..

(This How I look Now.. I hope there’s a big difference *wink* =D)

I won’t go in detail on what I do now.  I want to share what is the BIG DIFFERENCE?  And it all comes down to “mindset”.  Being an entrepreneur makes you independent and open to more things in life.  You have the time in your hands but at the same time, the responsibility of what happens with how you handle your time rest upon you.

It’s very similar to life, when you live life blaming the result to other people or entity, you end up being taken and driven by what other people decides in your life.  And when you let other people drives your life, you end up unhappy with your life.

The lesson I want to share here is that you don’t need to become a full-time entrepreneur for you to realize that what happens to your life lies in you.  It is your choice.  Your decisions and actions create your life. It’s not your parents, family, husband, children, boss, co-workers or your company’s responsibility, your life is your own responsibility.

So stop blaming the world for your unhappiness and miseries.  Start living a conscious life, taking full responsibility to your choices and actions.

2)      Spent More Time With People (Social Aspect)

When we are focus on our career and earn for a living, we tend to work really hard and give our whole priority to our time spent in the office.  We are likely to become too workaholic that we lay all our eggs in one basket chasing for success, career progression, prestige and material wealth we are aiming for.  We totally forget all other important things and aspects of our life, such as our family/friends, our health, and even our time to reflect or meditate.

Below here are some glimpse of the time I’ve spent with significant people (family, friends, co-workers) in my life.

Have you ever felt you were too depressed and down but you do not have anyone to run to or talk to?  Have you ever felt lonely that you do not have anyone to care for you?  Well, my friend, maybe it’s because you neglect to take care of the people around you.  You’ve focused too much on other things in your life that you forgot what matters most in life.

This year, I’ve come to realize the real value of maintaining great memories and relationships with people important in your life, such as your family, close friends, co-workers and all other people in your community.  The best investment you’ll ever have in life is your relationships with people around you.


In the end, people won’t remember how much power or wealth you’ve gained in your life, they’ll remember how good you’ve treated them.

3)      Getting Out of Comfort Zone and Trying Out Physical Sports (Physical Aspect)

In the past, I seldom try out new things because I was too focus on my career and earning for a living.  But during the first year I consciously seek to “Live Life to the Fullest”, I have come to try so many different things in the process.  That includes enrolling to fitness institution and have a personal trainer to help me gain weight, trying out physical activities I’ve always wanted to do, like ice skating, kart racing, river rafting and zip lines.   (I even did some compulsary cheer dancing.) To give you idea of each physical activity, I’ll attach an image below:

What I’ve learned in this experience is that, Life has so many wonderful things outside the four corners of my office.  Each experience made me experience how simple and beautiful life is, if only I’ll take a moment to have a break and enjoy it to the fullest.

Also, I’ve realized you don’t need to be multi-millionaire to do these things.  It’s a matter of choice and priority.  The time you want to spend to buy a new expensive suit, cellular phone or other expensive things, why not ask yourself to try spending it trying out new things in life?  All you need are great friends to go with and enjoy this fun adventure that life has to offer.


Life is a wonderful adventure to only waste it in a four-corner room. You only pass this journey once, live it fully.

4)      Rejuvenate through Relaxation, Meditation and Discovering New Places (Spiritual Aspect)

Spirituality is not all about religious activities.  For me, spirituality is a time you reflect, meditate, refresh and rejuvenate your soul to open a better life.

Personally, the best way to rejuvenate my soul is through relaxation.  When I relax, my mind, body and soul renews that afterwards, I’m all set and ready to walk back to the clutter of life.  My relaxation is always through travelling to new places.  A lot of people travel to places to have fun, but for me, travelling is a way for me to see new people, culture and scenery that creates an ambiance of self-realization and renewal.  Whenever I travel to a place I’ve never been, I feel so relaxed and renewed.  Below are some of the places I’ve been the past year of Live Life to the Fullest:

Find time to be alone and rejuvenate.  It may not be as time consuming as going out of town or abroad; it can be as simple as walking or jogging in the morning alone.  Or going to the park alone.  Take this time to smell the flower around you, the beautiful scenery, and the sound of the place or anything outside what you usually think.  For once, forget the past and the future, just appreciate the current moment.  Give a time in your life to refresh, rejuvenate and appreciate the simple things life has to offer.  The more you can spend time alone and refresh, the more aware you are of your own needs and how you’ll able to create a world according to what’s going to make you happy and live life to the fullest.

Some may have tried one aspects, but seldom do they achieve to give time in all four aspects. 

And that’s the key to Living Life to the Fullest, when you are able to spend time in all aspects of your life.

I hope this can motivate you to try at least one of the activities (or aspect) I’ve took time to do in the past year of Live Life to the Fullest.  To start to Live Life to the Fullest, take one step at a time until it becomes a part of your whole life.

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  1. This is very inspiring! I always look forward to your articles since I can relate with your stories. For me, I’ve just realized that I am responsible for my own happiness. You’ll probably never meet a person grumpier than me hehe… Everything’s one step at a time for me, hope I’ll pull it off. Keep on blogging!

  2. I’m glad you’ve liked this article and thank you for always supporting I hope the articles I’ve written here will help you live a more happier and more fulfilling life. Just like I’ve mentioned in this article, Live Life to the Fullest started as a goal.. and I sure hope this site is helping you achieve the life you always wanted to have. And you, indeed, take one step at a time, i’m sure, you’ll reap it. Happy Journey to your life! 🙂

  3. Hi Lou,

    Awesome post. I always felt that we should have a balanced life. We tend to forget that as we grow and start giving our full time to work or any other similar activity.Work, Family, Friends,,your inner self,your physical body has to be given time to relax, Rejuvenate,learn new things and grow everyday.There is no better rejuvenation than travelling and meditation.Thanks for sharing your life and motivating us.

  4. Thank you Amit for sharing and your feedback. It’s great to be connecting with like-minded people who supports the same advocacy that you promote. Keep in touch!

  5. this is really a helper lou..thanks..

  6. eppi legaspi says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. It truly is inspiring. I for one have decided to get out of my comfort zone going into my courage zone. I must admit it is very incomfortable but I know this feeling is only the start in living the life the Lord wants me to the fullest. And such stories really lifts up my spirit in moving on towards the world of unknown and be one of the minorities..

  7. thanks for the comment eppi! 🙂 It’s great to hear that my personal story have inspired you to get into your “courage zone”. As you’ve mentioned, it’s not easy at the start.. but once you take one step at a time and make it a habit, you will be able to finally live life to the fullest with the least effort you can think of. I hope this will be the start of your journey to living life fully.

  8. Jo Ann Wentzel says:

    Lou, I really enjoyed your article. It serves as a wonderful reminder that we are the ones who are responsible for our own happiness. Everyone should live their life to the fullest. Thanks for writing this.

  9. Michiko says:

    What an inspiring post! I needed to hear this message. My life is out of balance, just like you before. I work a lot, have a limited social life and I’m not happy so I end up blaming my boss, my work conditions, etc. I realize I have a part to play in this but feel scared and anxious.

  10. Hi Michiko.. glad this article have been helpful and inspiring to you. It’s true that oftentimes we get too busy with life that we forget to balance and enjoy life. I hope this will be the beginning of your journey to live a balanced life. thanks for your comment. Regards, Lou

  11. mam lou,
    good day,i’m not really good on writing but this time i have to just to thank you for all the things and thoughts that you share .it really helps a lot specially now that life is fast-facing , all people are busy on their works, chores. me, i have limited social life because i have multiple jobs,being a free-lance liaison,hr officer to a small company i worked with,a mother to 2boys…….etc…..i know its hard but i really have to because our income is not enough to support our needs …”needs” only ……
    thank you and may God bless you. 🙂

  12. Hi Lhet, thank you for taking time to give us your feedback. I’m glad to hear our articles have been a source of motivation to you. I understand how life can be so demanding and busy at times, I hope with our articles, you will find useful resources to make life more easier and enjoyable. Godless you and your family as well. 🙂

  13. Ms. Lou,

    Thank You! It helps a lot. 🙂 Starting today, I will live my life to the fullest! 🙂 Thank you for being an inspiration! 🙂

    God Bless you more !:)

  14. Hi,

    This is a great article. I always fear Karma and the bad effects and it has stopped me from doing even simple activities…hope i can come out of it soon…can u give some idea about what u think about karma?

  15. Hi Kaushik, thanks for the comment. I haven’t really thought about karma. but I do believe in there is a good and bad effects in everything that we do. So I guess one way to conquer karma is to always try your best to do good. I hope you will be able to overcome your fear! I’ll be posting about it if I learn something about karma 🙂

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