How to Choose The Right Career? – Part 1

How to choose the right career?

Our current world loves the word “survival”.  No wonder shows like “Survivor” and “American Idol” are being hooked by lots of viewers.  And to win this type of shows require a person to be the best among the rest, so as to survive and win.  This “survival” mania isn’t only happening in the television shows, but in our real world as well.  With the crisis we’re faced, either economically, financially or ecologically speaking, “survival” had been a lot harder for majority of us.

And to move you further, the word “survival” had also been an issue for the corporate world.  The past years have created an increased in unemployment rate for many countries due to the cost cutting implemented by a lot of the big firms, plus the worst scenario where giant firms are being closed down.  Such “survival” syndrome created a lot of stress and anxiety for many of us.

But the worse part of this “survival” mania is the reality that many of us are dealing with our day to day life just to survive.  We sacrifice living our life to the fullest just to be able to survive.  And how do we do that?

By sacrificing and hiding our true self so that we can survive.

One example of this is in the way we choose what we commonly call “career” path.  Most of us choose a career for practical reason, that’s to “survive”.  We take courses that we think can bring us fortune, without thinking if this really fit us or not.  I’m not sure in other countries, but as I see in my country, a lot of students who is about to go to college, usually chooses courses that is known to be high paying for the moment or that has a lot of job openings abroad.  Like for an instance when computer science was booming, most students took computer science courses.  Same as when nurse jobs were in demand, most of students enrolling for college took up the said course.  And why do they do that?  The answer again is to survive.

By hiding our true self to survive, the big enemy we have here is our true happiness.

When we live our life just to survive, stress and anxieties wouldn’t stop bothering us, because we will always feel the emptiness of who we really are.  We’d feel locked up to a person that’s not us.

But it’s never too late to really follow your heart, in whatever field you are in now.  And in any case, if you are just curious to know if you’re at the right path that you are capable of, here’s a quick personality test that we’ve prepared for you to check.

In the second part of this blog is a personality test that’s based on Dr. John Holland called “Holland’s Theory”.  It will help you get to know yourself more and to discover the type of career that best suits your interest, abilities and personality.  If you’re about to take up your college degree, this is the best timing for you to take the test.  But if you’re already on the mid-life crisis of having a good career but you feel unhappy about it, here’s your chance to see where you are and where you can be.  Either way, I hope this test will not only help you find your true self and potentials, but also, can help you live your life to your best and fullest, not just merely surviving it.

Want to take the test?  Click below link:

How to Choose The Right Career? – Part 2


  1. That was stimulating . I admire your finesse that you put into your writing . Please do continue with more similar to this.

  2. The local CNA program in my area is really good, but I just wasn’t prepared for the amount of work it was going to entail. I really should have done a little more research before enbarking on something as major as the CNA. I’m sorry to say I couldn’t handle it, and dropped out before completing the final program.

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