How to Choose The Right Career? – Part 2

continuation of… How to Choose The Right Career? – Part 1

You may just be curious or in real need of a guide, this part is to help know and test yourself so you can discover the type of career that best suits your interest, abilities and personality.

So what are you waiting for?  Grab a pen plus paper, and start the test.

Personality Test

(Based on Holland’s Theory)

Step 1: For each category, put a check on the items which describe you.

Category: R

Are you:

___ Practical

___ Athletic

___ Straight forward

___ Mechanically Inclined

___ A nature lover

___Operate tools and machinery

Can You:

___Fix electrical things

___Solve mechanical problems

___Pitch a tent

___Play a sport

___Read a blueprint

___Work on cars

Like to:

___Tinker with mechanics

___Work outdoors

___be physically active

___Use your hands

___Build things

Total Score under Category R: ______

Category:      I

Are you:

___ Inquisitive

___ Analytical

___ Scientific

___ Observant

___ Precise

___Operate tools and machinery

Can You:

___Think abstractly

___Solve math problems

___Understand physical theories

___Do complex calculations

___Use a microscope

___Work on cars

___Analyze data

Like to:

___Explore ideas

___Use computers

___Work independently

___Performs lab experiments

___Read scientific or technical magazines

Total Score under Category I: _________

Category:      A

Are you:

___ Creative

___ Intuitive

___ Imaginative

___ Innovative

___ An individualist

Can You:

___Sketch, draw, paint

___Play a musical instrument

___Write stories, poetry, music, sing, act, dance

___Design fashions or interiors

Like to:

___Attend concerts, theaters, art exhibits

___Read fiction, plays, poetry

___Work on crafts

___Take photographs

___Express yourself creatively

Total Score under Category A: _________

Category: S

Are you:

___ Friendly

___ Helpful

___ Idealistic

___ Insightful

___ Outgoing


Can You:

___Teach/train others

___Express yourself clearly

___Lead a group discussion

___Mediate disputes

___Plan and supervise an activity

___Cooperate well with others

Like to:

___Work in groups

___Help people with problems

___Participate in meetings

___Do volunteer service

___Work with young people

___Play team sports

Total Score under Category S: _________

Category: E

Are you:

___ Self-confident

___ Assertive

___ Sociable

___ Persuasive

___ Enthusiastic

___ Energetic

Can You:

___Initiate Projects

___Convince people to do things your way

___Sell things or promote ideas

___Give talks or speeches

___Organize activities and events

___Lead a group

Like to:

___Make decisions affecting others

___Be elected to office

___Win a leadership or sales award

___Start your own political campaign

___Meet important people

Total Score under Category E: _________

Category: C

Are you:

___ Well-groomed

___ Accurate

___ Numerically inclined

___ Methodical

___ Conscientious


Can You:

___Work well within a system

___Do a lot of paperwork in a short time

___Keep accurate records

___Use a computer terminal

___Write effective business letters

Like to:

___Follow clearly defined procedures

___Use data processing equipment

___Work with numbers

___Type or take shorthand

___Be responsible for details

Total Score under Category C: _________

Step 2: Total the items checked for each theme/category.  Identify the top 3 categories/themes which create the most accurate picture of you.

Your top three categories are:  1) _________    2) _________  3) __________.

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