How to Focus in Life? – An Introduction

789116_dartHow often do you find yourself in the mess and clutter of your life? Where you find yourself saying:

Too many things to do, with too little time.

The ability to stay focus nowadays became a great talent for a chosen few.  Since the word “multitask” have gone out, the world have become so hook to aimed in doing everything all at once.  We have believed to have it all and have it all now.

But one of the secrets of successful and great achievers, like professionals, athletes, leaders, inventors, businessmen, billionaires and the likes, are their ability to stay focus. This alone is the reason why most of these successful people do not only have what they want but also they have the best of it.


Here is personal story of one of the authors of Live Life to Fullest. It’s to share the personal experience encountered and actions taken to achieve focus and greatness in life.

Ticking Clock


  1. Set your mind;
  2. Set your place; and
  3. Set your time.

Follow through the series of post to learn how you can start organizing the clutter of your life to start focusing on what you want and have it.

You too have the same clock of life that only you can decide on where to focus on.

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