How to Listen?

Only a few of us are proof from the flattery of the world that we do less listening and more of talking. We give more importance of what we feel that we neglect of the other. And by doing this, we answer the following question with a YES:

  • Have we failed to do something because we didn’t listen carefully to the instruction?
  • Have we broken a relationship because we did not know how to listen and kept on talking of our point?
  • And have we made a mistake that we need to correct because we do not accept opinions and too proud to listen?

Putting our self into a different view, have we come to a point where we felt unimportant and alone that we need somebody to listen. And with this kind of state did we ever felt disappointed and hurt that somebody did not listen, just like with the following scenarios:

  • We shed our feelings and emotions to somebody and they response to us with a different topic.
  • A very important favor we’ve asked was done incorrectly.
  • Our opinion in a major decision was set aside.

We’ve always heard the golden rule saying; do unto others as you would have others do unto you. This only means one thing, to get somebody do what you want, you have to do it first. Then it’s safe to say that “If you want SOMEBODY TO LISTEN, you have to KNOW HOW TO LISTEN first”.

And to help you do this, here are four (4) practical ideas that may help you learn how to listen:

  1. Be selfless. Encourage others to talk about them.
  2. Be interested. Be sincerely and genuinely interested.
  3. Be still. Stop whatever you are doing and pay attention. Give your 100% focus.
  4. Be a learner. Keep in mind that you learn more by listening and not by talking.

This is not a natural trait; all we can do is to make it an important habit!


People who talk only of themselves think only of themselves. And those people who think only of themselves are hopelessly uneducated. They are not educated no matter how instructed they may be.


  1. I like this article, most people lack this very basic skill and it can work against them. Another great article!

  2. We agree, most people lack the value of listening. We hope these practical steps can help more people to learn how to listen. Thanks for your comment and i hope you keep coming back in our site. 🙂

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