How to Love Your Life?


Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world. —Les Brown

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was watching news in our living room when a headline caught my attention.

According to the survey, there is an increasing rate of suicides all around the world.  In fact, the current average world suicide rate is 10.07 per 100000 people based on

Main causes of suicide were attributed to life crisis, frequently financial and emotional in nature.

Root Cause of Life Crisis: Emotion

Personally, I’ve used to be really emotional and sensitive.  I came to admit and recognize these negative attitudes when I’ve experienced a turning point in life.  It was during the time I was trapped with emotional and financial crisis back in 2008.  That year, I’ve experienced my first heartbreak from a 5-years relationship and I’ve struggled with a poor financial status.

For those who’ve never experienced being totally devastated with life, you won’t understand why some people commit suicide.  I’ve used to feel that way until I was faced with my own life crisis.

Honestly, the thought of ending my life came up to me.  It came to my thought that ending my life will be the solution in erasing all the pain, hurt and struggle.  Yet, I didn’t do it because I was able to overcome my emotional distress.  I was able to control my emotion and chose to be strong.  I chose to continue living despite the pain and struggles.  And I’m glad I did, because I’ve never been the same after that.  That moment turned my world around, in a positive way.

When I look back on my experience of life crisis, I’ve learned a valuable lesson:

How well we control our emotions determines if we will be happy or miserable in life.

How Our Emotion Do Determines Happiness and Misery?

Emotion is our feeling.  Furthermore, feeling is rooted from our mindset or outlook.  Our emotion determines if we will be happy or miserable because we are in control of our thoughts.

Experience is not what happens to you – it’s how you interpret what happens to you. – Aldous Huxley

Take for an instance, in a day, you will choose to direct or focus your thoughts on negative things.  Throughout the day, you will notice and complain on how annoying things are.  You would choose to be ungrateful and negative on all the things in your life, what do you think you will feel about your day?  Is it happiness or misery?  Of course, you’d feel miserable and unhappy.

Now, try to do the opposite.  For a day, you decide to focus and direct your thoughts on positive and productive things.  Throughout the day, you will ignore the annoying things that will happen; you won’t feel bad with what went wrong instead you will focus on what went right.  And as you continue to focus and count on what went right, how do you feel?  Is it happiness or misery?  Most probably, you’d feel grateful and happy with your day.

In your daily encounter, be conscious on which feeling of emotion you choose to focus on.


The first and most important step in loving your life is to learn directing your emotions.  Do not let emotions over power you with negativity.  Instead, fill your emotions with positive feeling.  That’s the most valuable secret to loving and living a wonderful life. – Lou Macabasco – Yanuaria


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