How To Make Your Love Happily Ever After?

LoveFalling in love, I should say, was one of the most wonderful things that ever happened to me.   Love that can conquer anything and can make you do everything for your honeybunch, sweetheart, babe, or wa’ever you call it, even if people think you’re “crazy” or “stupid”.   Then when people ask why do you do that?  All you can say is “Love”.

Growing up in a country where people feels that “fairy tales” are for real while “real life” is fairy tales, I once believed that love should conquer anything and everything, just like how they show it in television.  So I’ve loved with all my heart, I was ready to sacrifice and give up everything for the person.  And as a song lyrics said, I was ready to give him the world right at the palm of his hand.   And I actually did, I’ve sacrificed even the most important thing that matters to me, my own dream.  But unlike the fairy tales I’ve watched, my real life fairy tale didn’t end, together happily ever after.

I don’t regret it though, falling in love gave me the best happy memories I could ever cherish.   But other than the happiness and wretchedness it brought me, it taught me lessons in life I could never learn the other way.  It broke the “love myths” that fairy tales have empowered my naive heart.  Loving and brokenness open me to the reality that love will never be like fairy tales that’s happily ever after.  It’s the opposite, it’ll give you numerous pains and learning that never ends.

If you will ask on how to make it last?

You’d be surprise to know that Love isn’t the answer, it’s the person’s commitment to make it last.  Coz Love itself fades, even deep-true love does.  Sad but true.

And the best lesson I’ve learned so far is that love should not conquer anything and everything, that’s a false belief.

You should always love yourself first.

Never let anyone take over your life, and worse, even sacrifice what you want for anyone.  Live and discover for yourself and what you want, and then share it with the person you love.

Anything too much is bad, even love.


  1. Awesome post m’dear friend 🙂

  2. Valentine says:

    Oh, thank you so much for this post! I just LOVE it:) My English isn’t good enough to express how I appreciate it.
    A few weeks ago I’ve lost my love, my dearest, greatest.. and I couldn’t find any explanation for it. I did everything for him, every day, sacrificed a lot, changed myself as he wanted…all in vain. It hurts. But you reminded me, that it’s not only pain, it’s huge experience i’ve got from my love story. Even though it’s over, now i see there’s nothing to regret.
    Thank you. Your article came up to me at the right time! =))
    Best wishes.

  3. Hi Valentine,

    I understand the stage you’re going through right now. It’s indeed a very painful and hard experience to fall in love and sacrifice everything for the person, but in return, it will all be gone. the person will go. no matter how painful you’re are going through right now, i admire your strength and courage to accept and move on despite the pain and loss you feel now. i also admire the gratitude in your heart to see the good side of what you are going thru. It’s indeed a blessing to experience love and pain rather than not experiencing it all. I hope the experience and lesson you’ve had will be a great teacher for you as you move forward in life. I wish one day, you will find the right person you will spend the rest of your life. Honestly, when I wrote the blog.. i was in deep pain, but three years after, I’m now preparing for my wedding to the person who I see as my soulmate. Who made me experience that lasting relationship is indeed about loving yourself first, and sharing it to the other person. Best Wishes to you!! 😀

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