How to Relieve Stress?

Stress is a good thing if maintained at the level enough to keep us on our toes and motivates us to pursue our dreams.  However, with our current world of “busyness”, life is more complicated than ever.  We have too much to do, with too little time.  And as our schedule and workloads increases daily, it directly proportion to the increase of our stress level.  The more demands we accommodate, the higher the stress we absorb.

Stress that destructively affects our body, health, emotions, and relationships is a bad stress that causes fatigue, anxiety, depression and loss of enthusiasm.   Plus, it makes you look and feel older.   As a result, we tend to see live a difficult and unhappy life.

Here are some of the ways to help you beat stress with grace and positively mitigate its destructive effects.  These simple insights can guarantee that it can tune out your stress to stay young and happy.

1) Prepare for stress

Distress is most often stress that hasn’t been addressed.

Everyday, we deal with stress.  From the minor stress like traffic jam to work and annoying people, or a major stress like termination from work, illness, divorce, arguments or death.  But the best way to deal with stress is to beat if before it begins to beat you.  You can do this by creating a positive and organize daily habits, like waking up early, learning to how to develop good relationships with others, living a healthy lifestyle and etc.

2) Recognize the source of your stress

What you don’t know won’t hurt you?!? No, it’s the opposite.

Not knowing the source of your stress is like a disease that’s left uncured.  The illness gets harder to cure the longer you delay your check up.  Prolonged feelings of stress can result to anxiety, depression or heart problems.  Recognizing your main source of stress is the first step toward reducing its effect on you.  The source maybe a breakup, wasted career, disorganization, relationship conflicts, finances, etc.  The key is to identify it, face/resolve it, and then move on.

3) Organize

Stress is most often ‘caused by our lack of ability to organize.

In a previous post entitled “How to Focus in Life?”, enlisted are ways to fix the clutter of your life by being organized and focus.

To relieve your stress, start by organizing your mind, your time and your place.  Identify the things you need to do, schedule the best time and place to do them.  (Learn more specifically by reading our previous blog).

Organizing helps you to manage and prioritize your time to important things, gives you much better results that you wanted and enables you to live a more stress free life.

4) Connect with people, especially positive people

Remember the old saying, “Birds of the same feather flock together”.

The same is true with human, as they say, “If you want to know who you are, know who you are acquainted to”.

Think of an instance where you’re surrounded by negative people who do nothing but talk about their complaints, hardships and problems, did you find yourself absorbing the same behavior of thinking and talking all about negative things too?  And as you live a life talking and complaining about it, have you felt more burdened by it?  Did it help you solve anything?

If you want to change your current negative situation which keeps on stressing you and making you unhappy, start by being with positive people.  Unlike negative people, positive people will be able to influence you to be more optimistic in dealing with your hardship.  I’m not telling you to forget your good old friends who are a bit negative, I’m just advising you to spend less time with them or might as well, encourage them to stay more positive.

5) Take each day one at a time

Make haste slowly – Benjamin Franklin

Are you familiar with the word “Multi-task”?  Our information world has brought a generation of more haste, thanks to innovation that brings instant things to our lives, like cellphones, instant messaging, social networks, fast foods, etc.  We love what’s fast, really fast.

The same is happening in our own professional and personal life.  We rush to work, accept many responsibilities that sometimes we can no longer accommodate.  Why do we do this?  So we can be proactive enough to get ahead of the rank.  Haste is one of the big factors of STRESS.  We try to do so many things all at once.

Did you know that multi-tasking is a lie?  You can never do something all at once, like you can’t be in a lot of place all at the same time.  You may be able to shift on doing things, but you’ll never be able to give your whole thinking and focus in two things.  This is why trying to do more than one thing at a time and in a hurry most often lead to errors and problems.

So next time you need to do something, relax, just take things one at a time.  It will not only lower your stress level but will also help you accomplish more tasks with much better quality.

6) Stop pleasing everyone and learn to say “No”

Nice people don’t change the world.

Most people find hard time to say no, it’s either because their too nice to disappoint other people or too arrogant to admit weakness and limitations.

This is another reason why a lot of people are stressed out and complains all the time.  It’s because they said “yes” on things that they have really meant to say “no”.

To help you have a more stress free life, start by knowing what’s important according to your values and vision, then learn to say no through all the rest.  This kind of attitude will also you more focus to the end that you’ve always wanted for.

You may also want to get insights on a related article entitled “Learn to Say No

7) Appreciate the simple things in life

Lower your standard and live a simple life.

Our consumerism world had thought us to value material possessions.  From the latest gadgets to the cars, houses, bags, clothes, accessories and shoes we possess or wish to have.  As such, we work ourselves hard so we can earn money to acquire more of these things.  And as we work harder and harder, the more stress and unhappy we become.

Prestige, possession and power are not bad to aspire and have, but what makes it bad is when we use it as a reason to work hard in sacrifice of our relationship with other people and of our life.  As we are blinded in our dreams to have more, the more we neglect to appreciate the simple things in life and the things we already have.

Never neglect to appreciate what you have while you pursue for what you dream.

Remember, that stress do not always come from other people or circumstances, most often, it comes from our own decisions and actions.  Now is the time to learn to take control and minimize stress in our lives.


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