How to Wow and Be Free From Self-Limitation?

If you’ve known me a couple of years ago, you won’t think that one day it will be possible that I will write articles and speak in public seminars.  Back in my younger days, I’ve used to be very reserved, shy and timid.  People see me as a snob and introverted.  I don’t talk much to people outside my close circle because I don’t know how to start and retain a conversation.  When I’m in a crowded place, I just sit in the dark and far side of the room so no one will notice me.  I’ve always wanted and have been comfortable being behind the scenes.  I was the type who just wants to be part of the crowd and I don’t want to stand out.

But a day came when I realized I’m missing a lot of things in life because I have so many self-limitations and limiting beliefs.  That day began my journey to self-improvement or personal development.  Since the day I recognized I had something to change with my attitude and mindset, it changed a lot of things in my life.

Now, after learning different ways on how to develop myself and my people skills, I’m more confident to write and speak my thoughts aloud.  I no longer hide myself from the crowd.  I make a stand to my beliefs and can communicate well with people.  I’m more sure and composed when I go to public gatherings. These and all other positive changes happened since I’ve started to improving and developing a better version of myself.

How about you, are you limiting your growth by having limiting beliefs and inability to get out of your comfort zone?  Do you find yourself struggling on how to direct your life or how you interact with people?  You too can create the same change if you are willing to recognize that you need some adjustments in your behaviour and mindset.

Before I go further into showing you how to wow and be free from self-limitation, let me show you some of the things you might experience (or experiencing) in limiting yourself and your potentials.

Slow Progress

As I’ve observed and proven, lack of progress is mostly caused by inability to get out of comfort zone.  People who’ve mastered life and achieved great success know how important it is not to be part of the normal or average crowd.  Yet, most of us have a high need and eagerness to belong in the normal crowd that we are afraid to be different.

Keep in mind that being normal or average cannot give you an edge in a very competitive world.  So a huge reason why most people who choose to live an average life experiences slow growth in life.

Missed Opportunities

The next disadvantage of having self-limitation – and choosing to be underdog – is having a lot of missed opportunities.  You probably heard this before,

“Nothing is more expensive than missed opportunities”. – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

When you procrastinate and choose to wait for things to happen, you let opportunities slip.  Furthermore, when you develop a lazy and second-best attitude, you allow opportunities to go away.

Remember, lucky people are mere opportunity seekers.  And to be effective in seeking opportunities ahead, you must know how to excel and think out of the box.

Lack of Experience

I always remind myself of this truth,

“Life is a one way journey to waste it with what ifs.”

When you don’t give yourself the freedom to excel, explore and try different things in life, you are probably going to say “I wish” or “I should have” too often.  Inaction often leads to experiencing few or no great and breathtaking moments in life.

Unfulfilled and Boring Life

Lastly, limiting oneself causes boring and unfulfilled life.  As they say,

“Idle Minds are the workshop of the devils”.

If you don’t let yourself grow, you allow idleness to come in your life.  And once idleness sits at your favourite spot, your life will go nowhere but down to boredom, negativity and discontentment.  The worse part, it may lead to poor life status and hardship.

Now, after learning the things you will experience in having self-limitations and beliefs, here’s some of the steps you may start doing in order to change yourself from being self-limiting into a wow and winning attitude!

1.Discover Your Strengths

The first step to developing a wow character is knowing your strengths.  Because it can be easier to give your best performance once you’ve identified what you are capable to do at your best. Upon knowing your strengths, try to perform or produce better than anyone can.

2.Improve Your Weaknesses

For most people, we deny our folly and weaknesses.  Denying it only worsen your case.

If you want to have a wow attitude and life, you have to start by admitting your weaknesses.  Understand what are the things that limits you to do certain things and blocks your progress.  Try to enumerate as many weaknesses as you can.  And once you’ve identified it, do something to improve and change it for the betterment of your attitude and life.

3.Expand Your Knowledge through Reading Books

Knowledge is indeed power, especially if you back it up with actions.  And the best way to keep yourself into becoming idle, develop a reading habit.  Not only it will open you to more opportunities in life, but saves you into becoming pessimistic and cynical.

4.Attend Trainings on Personality Development or Field of Interest

One of the things that exposed me to change and become extroverted is through attending trainings and joining groups.  I’m fortunate that I love reading and learning that it became easy for me to be interested in attending a lot of seminars.  And such activity gave a huge positive change in my life.  Because you do grow as an individual and as professional, if you expand yourself into more things in life.

5.Find a Mentor or Coach You Can Seek Advice towards Self-Improvement

Having a mentor is like a guardian by your side.  Just like a guardian, a mentor protects and guides you in your journey to anything in life.

Personally, I find life as a sport.  And just like any other sport, in order to win in life, you need someone to coach you.

6.Practice Talking Confidently to Strangers and High-Profile People

Last but not the least, in order to make a permanent change, you need practice until it becomes a habit.  Developing a winner attitude is a process and you need to have patience and persistence to continue practicing until it becomes part of your system.

For a final note, always remember this in times you feel going back to your comfort zone and self-limitation:

“Rarely does it happen that winners are born, most often, they are made!” 

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