3 Importance of Small Things You Need to Know

You have got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go into the right direction. ~ Alvin Toffler

It’s been awhile since I’ve took time to sit down and just write my thoughts out, sharing life wisdoms, lessons and experiences.  And it’s just about right to share with you, my readers, why I haven’t done so the past couple of weeks.


The months of May and June 2011 were one of the most memorable months of my life (in addition to all other great memories I’ve had).  It was remarkably full of blessings and good times because of two things: getting married with my best friend and moving in to our new home.  Both events required a lot amount of time to prepare and get down with it.  But I’m grateful to say that it was a blissful experience.


And to add more blessings, I’m currently in my early weeks of pregnancy.  We’re both thankful about the baby, because for the past of couple of years, I was having problems that may lead to infertility, that’s why conceiving a baby is indeed a great blessing.  However, we’re faced with another problem because the baby is threatened to be aborted since I have a sensitive pregnancy condition which has caused bleeding.   I was advised by the doctor to have complete bed rest, and if possible, stay out of stressful situation.  Personally, the past two months have been too action-packed for me that I’ve felt so many things have happened in too short time.  But nonetheless, I’m taking both the positive and negative experience as part of my growth in life.  Such tremendous experiences lead me to a wonderful realization and lesson on the importance of small things.


Why Small Things Are Important?

There’s a saying that goes,

“Those who don’t know how to be grateful on small things does not know how to appreciate big things”.


In a day, think of how many times you complain on the things in your life, no matter how small or big they are?  Also, reflect on when was the last time you felt grateful and happy with the blessings in your life?


I have said this countless times that for most of us, it’s easier to complain and be miserable rather than be grateful and enthusiastic with our life.  And as we focus on the negatives of life, even the tiniest and smallest of thing, we attract more of those negatives that lead us to more hardship.


Negative thinking, pessimism, is in the nature of humankind that must be consciously battled.  Because if not, every day, those who suffer with pessimism will be forced to focus on the negatives of life that they forget to live in the present and prepare for the future.  They neglect to realize that every small action, or inaction, that they do in their everyday life will result to the nothingness or miseries of their future.  They don’t act to change the circumstance of their life.  They don’t have bigger dreams for their future since they can’t even gather their acts to create small steps towards a better life.  Instead, they focus on feeling miserable and doing nothing.


Small things, like your thoughts, feelings or actions, have big impacts to the relevant and bigger things.  You should not neglect the fact that every day, even the smallest and irrelevant decisions or actions that you take, can alter your life.  That’s why it’s important to be careful and watchful of every little thoughts, feelings and actions that you make daily.  This is not to threaten you, but to make you aware of how you can be powerful in altering your own life through every smallest thing that you do.


I have personally learned the importance of small things a couple of years ago, back in 2008, but I’ve realized how true and powerful it is by reflecting back on how much have changed in my life since the day I’ve been aware on every little decisions and actions that I do that can affect the desired future I’ve choose for myself.  And so far, despite the challenges, most of what happened has conspired in my life have been the way I’ve imagined it.  Although of course, there are things that have not happened yet, but I’m willing to be patient and continue taking small steps toward its realization.


3 Importance of Small Things You Need to Remember


To help you understand the importance of every small things, decisions and actions that you make, here’s 3 importance of small things you need to remember in your daily activities:


1) Small Steps Done Consistently Leads to Success


I remember a song entitled “One Step at a Time” by Jordin Sparks. It’s one of my favorite positive songs that help me stay enthusiastic towards my life.  In fact, there’s even a saying that goes,

“The sure way to success is taking the first step”.

Remember that every small thing that you do, if you do it consistently with enthusiasm, regardless of positive and negative circumstances, there will be a day that all your patience and hard work will fade off, if you don’t give up early on.  It’s like the 7-Up Success Story, tried and failed six (6) times, and then quit, not knowing on the seventh (7) try, success was waiting.  If you want to read the full story, click this link http://lifetofullest.com/7-up-success-story/


2) Small Things for Bigger Purpose

Many of us fail to live a happy and enthusiastic life since we lack purpose in our life.  We don’t set goals to accomplish, dreams to achieve and purpose to live by.  And as such, we feel our life is nonsense filled with hardship and miseries.  Well, stop blaming the negative circumstances or other people; blame yourself for choosing to look at the negative things instead of focusing your time and energy into your purpose, dreams or goals in life.

Remember, every single small thing that you think, feel and do, can alter your life towards the negative or the positive, depending on which you choose to focus on.  That’s how the law of attraction is working  your life.  To learn more about law of attraction, click this link http://lifetofullest.com/lesson-learned-from-the-secret/


3) Small Things Creates Big Difference

A lot of cases of miseries and discontentment lies on people who thinks what they do are irrelevant and unfulfilling.  Most often it is with the perceived value of a person towards what he does.  Because when you don’t give value to what you do, even how small or big it is, and then it will not create big difference to you and other people.  Other people will perceive it the way you perceive it.


Remember, that there are no small jobs or small things to those who do it with enthusiasm and energy.  Because small things, collectively, creates big difference.  Imagine if a bus driver felt his job was irrelevant and every driver quits driving, what will happen to millions of people who need transportation to do their daily tasks?  So never feel degraded and less valued in what you do, instead, do it with enthusiasm and positive energy, and soon you will experience miracles.


I hope this blog article has helped and inspired you in some ways to take every little decisions and actions that you do with importance and purpose.  Please feel free to share the realization and lessons you’ve learned to your friends, family, and colleagues by forwarding this blog article as email or sharing the link in social medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.



  1. Belinda Galas says:

    Hi! Lou,
    Congratulations! I hope and pray that you have a healthy pregnancy and a more blessed family. Your articles inspire me a lot and i want to thank you for sharing these to all the readers like me who are able to find happiness, hope and realizations in life, through your works. I’m one of those people who are always battling with oneself and though i’m still struggling, your articles help me to go on and strive for the positive things in life. I’ve wished to have a copy of your book entitled Life Begins @ 21: 21 Days to Begin a Good Life, and tomorrow God willing, it will be fulfilled. I’m already excited!=)

  2. Hi Belinda, thanks for your comment and greetings. I’m happy to hear how Lifetofullest.com has helped and inspired you in your struggles with oneself and in life. I hope the book, Life Begins @ 21 can further enrich you with principles that can free you from one self-limitation and live your life to its best. Cheers to you! Regards,

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