Is Relationship Important?

All is connected… no one thing can change by itself. – Paul Hawken

The world is round.  Every tiny little elements of it are interconnected and related.  One move by an element surely creates an effect or change in the world.

Same is true with human beings.  No matter how independent we are, we can’t deny the fact that we are connected to other people.  Every decision and action we take has an impact to other people, we may have intended it or not.  Such connection is what we commonly call as relationships.

We encounter and build relationship with people wherever we go.  We call these relationships in different categories such as family, friends, neighborhood, community, school, workplace, organization, etc.


As I’ve discovered,

Relationship, not achievement & acquisition, is what matter most in this life.

People have short memory of what you have achieved in life.  While some will only remember what you have not done or done wrong.

If you want to achieve greater things in life, learn to maintain good relationships with people around you.  And what benefits it will give you?

  1. Happy Environment – Good relationship creates positive ambiance.
  2. Stress-free Life – Positive people ease the burden of stress in our life.
  3. Increase in Contribution – More heads working together is better than one.
  4. Great Memories – Great and happy relationship creates lasting memories.

I remember a story shared by a man I’ll call Mr. P.  He shared a story about how he gives importance to family relationship more than career progression.  His story created change in my life and how I value relationships.

Mr. P is an Entrepreneur and Public Speaker/ Trainer.  He used to be employed as Manager of a Multinational Oil Company before he retired from employment at the age of 40 to pursue entrepreneurship or building his own business.  He chose to be an entrepreneur because he wanted to have freedom of time and money in his hands, which the corporate world could not offer.  Becoming a full-time entrepreneur, he had more extra time to spend and see his children grow.


Later on after his retirement, he was called by his previous company and was offered an executive position in the firm, but he declined the offer.  He was judged and criticized by his former colleagues when he rejected the offer.  They thought he declined a great opportunity in front of him.  


He shared that the reason why he declined the offer was because he wanted to look after his children’s growth and development.  For some time, he became a house husband playing and taking care of his children while he and his wife were building their businesses.  His friends were laughing and making fun of him thinking what a waste of talent he was.  But Mr. P didn’t get dishearten by the ridiculing he got from his decision.  He knew he has an important reason why he did that.  He didn’t pay attention to what people say, and he continued pursuing for what he believes in.


A couple of years after, Mr. P live a life that most of us will want to have.  He owns a large number of retail gas station of the multinational oil firm he previously worked with.  Plus, he was able to raise well-rounded and skillful children.  He became really successful both in his business and family life.


Those who used to make fun of him suddenly come to Mr. P for advices.  They were asking him how he was able to manage and be successful in both of his business and family.


Mr. P and his Corporate Executive friends both became successful and rich.  Yet there was a huge difference, Mr. P has wonderful children who were raised well, and he had close family relationship.  Also, Mr. P has the freedom of time and money in his hands.  On the other hand, his Corporate Executive friends have children that talked back on them and party their life away.  Because they spend most of their time working late at the office, they were not able to look after their children’s growth and welfare.  Their success and choice of time spent in their work career left them with a broken family relationship and lack of freedom of time.

Such story isn’t a surprise for me for I have my own share of broken family relationships, and I have heard similar stories from other people.  But hearing Mr. P’s story had opened me to value relationship more than anything else, especially family relationship.

Even one of the influential men of our time, Thomas Jefferson, has said:

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family.  


  1. Hi,

    I cannot pass by without leaving a comment! This is a very interesting piece about relationships. Thanks for the insight. Indeed life itself is made up of relationships, and the more we grow them, the better our world around us will become!

  2. hi emmanuel, it’s nice to hear people who values relationship in life. And i agree, the more people values it, the better our world becomes. thanks for the comment and hope you keep coming in our site! 🙂

  3. Dear lou ,
    I love your site and I must congratulate u on living life to full ,this is also my life’s aim and i am struggling for it and i hate to disagree with u about relationship with family though i don’t hav my parents but rest of my relatives are negative people and my life became better when i realized they were pulling me down. Now to get a positive attitude I stay away from them though I want to make genuine and caring friends but in a metropolitan city nobody can be trusted it’s sad. I strive so that one day I ‘ll be mature and good enough to help them be positive too but till then it’s better to be in solitude .

  4. Hi Goodwill, thank you for your feedback. I understand your situation, sometimes those people closed to us, like our family, relative and friends, are the ones who pull us down to negatives of life. And I agree that sometimes we have to seclude ourselves from them in order to gain positive perspective in our own life. But you also can be able to build better relationship with them without necessary agreeing to them, it’s by leading and becoming a positive influence to them. I’ve learned such valuable lesson from attending the Dale Carnegie Course, as well as reading the book How to Win Friends and Influence People? 🙂

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