It all starts with HABIT

581490_bad_habitLife has mysterious way of turning worlds around.  And when it happens, either we become depressed and unmotivated, or, we change for the better.

Change, although inevitable, is hard to do especially when one-self is involved.

Most of us are egoistic that we never admit our short-comings, for we tend to be offensive, defensive or cynic. Not known to many, however, is that we only start to change for better when we contemplate our own folly. Nobody is perfect, for life itself is imperfect.  And the best thing to do is to control yourself towards the attitude that accepts change and imperfection, plus do your best to change for the better.  How? It will be a process…..a habit.

Growth and Maturity Starts with Managing Oneself

It is by learning and understanding yourself better to enhance your skills and manage your time to enable you to live it fully.

The key to start managing oneself is mindset, our thoughts.

It all comes down to it.  For unless you know how to deal with your own thoughts; you’ll never change for the better.

Furthermore, changing oneself is a process, a habit.  Practice does not make things perfect, it makes it permanent.   By doing things repeatedly makes it a normal routine.  Everyone love’s instant thing nowadays, but with a world of imperfection, right positive mindset is a process, a habit, that can lead you to become a better person.

We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, is then not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle.


  1. Live Life to the fullest is indeed a lovely site to motivate and help every body to shape his personal life to to enjoy by
    just changing attitude and way of doing.

    It’s not a guide , its’ a free bliss to every one. It’s my pleasure to share the valuable treasure.

    Warm regards,

    Dr Chandra Shekhar Vaishya.

  2. In contrast to what we’ve been raised to, our own life should not revolve in restricted rules, but to be enjoyed and treasured. Once you free yourself from the box that restricts you, thus creates a blissful change in your life. I’m grateful to share that endeavor with you Dr. Chandra. 🙂

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