Jay McLean: Attitudes of Successful People

Today, we will feature a new man of success that we can learn from and be inspired of.

The person I will introduce to you in this week, “Attitudes of Successful People” blog series, is a man with a vision that is closely similar to my own. This is why I took time and opportunity to get to know the attitudes he kept intact to achieve the success he is now reaping.   My intention is to inspire and motivate us all, that wherever and whatever place we came from, we too, can create positive changes and successes in our life, if we are just willing to do so.

Jay McLean is a Self-Made Millionaire, Business Coach, Marketing Strategist, Best Selling Author, Empowerment Speaker, Internet Marketer, Real Estate Developer and Programmer of Wealth Creation.  He is the founder of the website, Life Master Now He is one of the well-known business coaches worldwide.

He is now at the prime of everything in his life – business, money, prosperity, relationship, lifestyle and the capacity to be a blessing for others – as if by the Law of Attraction, he became the man he wanted to be when he was just a boy in one of the desolate and sleepy towns you could ever imagine in this planet.

Just like most of us, Jay came from humble beginning.  He was able to achieve his success in life from stumbling, learning and making use of what valuables he already possesses.  He regards to giving value for others and helping them achieve their own successes in life.  I give my highest respect to man like Jay because of his passion to teach and share success principles to people who are willing to start creating positive changes with their life.


Here are the Three Important Attitudes that brought the success of Jay McLean .


Start with and believe in a VISION. No matter what this VISION is, it all begins with an IDEA of what you want to do in your life, and then keep that VISION always with you forever! In doing so, you begin to become crystal-clear on your VISION.


You don’t simply have a purpose – you must believe in that purpose with all your heart and mind. You carry a core conviction that keeps you committed, focused and take full responsibility of your purpose. No matter what obstacles you face, you truly believe on what you are trying to accomplish is the most important thing you could be doing. You will then attract the right Mentors and the right Mastermind Group around you who will accelerate your success!


This allows the first two attitudes to be translated in action. Hard work – pure sweat, stamina and discipline will create success stories. You work for work and always for fun. But, above all, you work to achieve you purpose and to carry out your truest passions!

For a final note, he has shared his favourite success quote:

“If an egg is broken by an outside force a life ends. If an egg opens from within a life begins. Success Secrets Begins from Within!” ~ Jay McLean

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