Do You Live Life With Fear of Karma?

While eating dinner on a Thursday night, my aunt and I talk about “Karma”.  As I listen intently with her long stories and samples of Karma, I sense my aunt’s great fear of that.   With the way she talks and the stories she illustrates, I’ve sensed that karma for her is something to be feared of. To avoid such great misfortune, she lives her life carefully making sure she won’t do something that will return a big karma in her life.  And just like my aunt, a lot of people dread the word Karma, especially “Bad Karma”.

Curiosity fills me up, so after I’ve finished my dinner, I went up to my room and typed the word “Karma” in Google to clearly understand its meaning.

What is Karma?

From, I’ve got these three definitions of Karma:

  1. Hinduism & Buddhism. The total effect of a person’s actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person’s existence, regarded as determining the person’s destiny.
  2. Fate; destiny
  3. What goes around, comes around

Personally, without being disrespectful, I do not believe in Karma unlike most people does.  And I’d state my reasoning here.

Circumstances are caused by choice, not fate

I personally believe that Life is 99% choice, 1% chance.

Many of us live life with great faith of destiny.  So we take each day unplanned of what we want to do and who we want to become.  And as such, we give permission to other people and circumstances to dictate the direction of our life.

I have a great faith myself, but I don’t let this faith determine my life.  I make a conscious choice of where and how I want to live my life, and the rest of 1%, I take by faith.  I do this so as not to feel lost and surprise with my own life.

Just imagine this, riding a bus or a plane without knowing the destination?

The journey will be fun and thrilling but the bottom line is you made a choice. You didn’t just wake up, and suddenly you’re in the bus, not, unless, you’re drunk.

Challenges are not punishments

A type of Karma is called Bad Karma.  This is defined as a negative fate of somebody who did bad things in the past.

I’ve seen a lot of people who point to bad karma whenever somebody else’s face challenges in their lives.  They blame the other person’s bad choices or actions in the past which gave them the hardship that they faced now.  And I respectfully disagree to this belief.

For me, failures and challenges are gifts, not punishments.  Because failure gives you the most wonderful gift you’ll ever receive, and that’s wisdom.

And whether you do good or bad, one way or another, you’ll definitely be facing challenges in life.  For remember, you’re living in an imperfect world and life itself is imperfect.

A lot of great men became great because they’ve gone through a lot of challenges and failures.  And did they become great because they were punished?

Limiting Self for fear of Backlash

This is a great disadvantage when somebody is inclined to their belief of Karma, they have a limited life.  They restrict themselves from acting or choosing for fear of the negative consequences, and as such, they do nothing but let life passes by.

I remember a great phrase from Starbucks, “If there were no criticism in this world, who would you be?”

The same is true with this: “If there are no negative consequences in life, what would you do?”

I’m not asking you to live life haphazardly or chaotically, but just try to expand yourself and take chances.  Eventually, you’d find a better self and a good life.

Challenges will always be there even how safe you may be.   So why waste your life waiting for the right time and for things to be perfectly secure and safe before you start living your life.

We are now living in a world of clutter and crisis.  And to see the light in such darkness you have to start seeing a new perspective.


  1. i belive that karma is real because if you do something wrong something bad happens to you. if you wanna be tecnacal then what you do wrong you have to pay for. lets say you stell, you will get caught and something will go wrong. so tecnacly what come around goes around. you have to be serous on what you do. and if you belive in god then you sure better be watchen your bace. so in my mind be carful on what you do becouse everything happens for a reason.

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