Kung Fu Panda’s Life Lessons

The movie, Kung Fu Panda, is one of the hit cartoon movie in our current timeIt’s an action-comedy cartoon movie first released in 2008 and then followed by part 2 in 2011.

The movie revolved in the story of a Panda named Po and his awesome journey into becoming the highest kung fu title and master named The Dragon Warrior.

The movie started by showing the humble beginnings of Po, the future dragon warrior.  Po is a son of a noodle-restaurant owner and he was expected to take over their family business.  However, Po was not interested in taking over the noodle business, he was interested in Kung Fu.  His love and passion for Kung Fu prompted him to abandon his dad’s noodle-restaurant business and accept the big responsibility of becoming The Dragon Warrior.   The movie then centered on how Po changed and developed himself to become the most powerful Kung Fu master.

His journey of development was both hilarious and sympathetic.  One minute you’ll laugh, the other you will feel sorry for Po.  And in the end, you’ll be amuse on Po’s courage and persistence into pursuing his love for Kung Fu.

Personally, I don’t get tired watching Kung Fu Panda over and over again, especially on down moments where I feel like giving up in my dreams.

Kung Fu Panda is not just an extra-ordinary and hilarious cartoon movie, you will also learn valuable life lessons from it.  Below here are some of the Life Lessons from Kung Fu Panda.

Kung Fu Panda’s Life Lesson # 1: Destiny is What You Create It

The movie started when Po was dreaming about the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five.   Then he was awakened by his Dad, so he can start working on their Noodle-Soup Restaurant.   In this scene, Po’s dad was expecting he was ready to fulfill his destiny of taking over their long-lived family noodle-soup restaurant.  However, despite his dad’s high hopes, Po chose to follow his passion for Kung Fu that he accepted the position of becoming the Dragon Warrior.

The valuable life lesson you’ll get here is that

You Create Your Own Destiny.

It’s not something that is passed on or given to you.  You have to keep on searching and looking for your purpose in life.  Because if you let yourself discover your destiny and purpose, you will end up becoming happier and fulfilled in life.

Kung Fu Panda’s Life Lesson # 2: Belief in Oneself

The highlight of the movie was when Po started to learn and practice Kung Fu.  Ironically, he was chosen to hold the highest position in Kung Fu when he had zero skill.  So the movie circulated on how Po developed himself from having no skill into becoming a real Dragon Warrior.

Another valuable life lesson in Kung Fu Panda movie is

Have faith and belief in yourself.

Po has no skill in Kung Fu, all he has was faith and belief that he is worthy of becoming the Dragon Warrior.  The same is true in our life, if you believe in yourself, nothing is impossible.  You can do anything, as long as you believe you can.

Kung Fu Panda’s Life Lesson # 3: Perseverance

In the movie, Po was criticized and disparage by people, even those he look up to.  Other people could not accept he was chosen to become the dragon warrior.  As such, at the beginning, Po had gone through a lot of emotional and physical torture.  However, despite the hardship and criticism, Po persevered and proved himself worthy to become the dragon warrior.

Another important life lesson in Kung Fu Panda movie is to

Be persistent in our actions toward our dreams. 

In any pursuit in life, you will encounter setbacks and hardship, such as criticism, doubt and failure.  However, if you persevere, eventually, you will reach and accomplish your desires or dreams.

Kung Fu Panda’s Life Lesson # 4: Living in the Present

One of the reason Kung Fu Panda movie became popular is because of this saying:

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.”

What made this movie hilarious and remarkable for me is when Po tries to enjoy and laugh on the criticism and hardship he get from the other kung fu warriors.

The last and very important life lesson from Kung Fu Panda is to

Enjoy the present, whatever circumstance it brings you. 

Even tho our day is difficult, annoying and hard, we have to enjoy each moment.  That way, we don’t feel burdened by the circumstances that will happen, it gives us energy and enthusiasm to persist and keep moving.

For a final note, I’d like to leave this quote from Kung Fu Panda:

Your mind is like this water, my friend. When it is agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear. – Oogway


  1. Anne Cabatino says:

    Hi Lou,

    In the Kung Fu Panda’s Life Lessons, I also could not forget the scene when Po opened the scroll but there’s none written on it and his father told him that there is no secret ingredient in the noodle soup they are making.

    That’s the time when Po realized that there are no secret ingredient or formula to becoming a Dragon Warrior, you just have to believe.

  2. Hi Anne, I agree, thanks for the add. there is no secret ingredient to success. I remember that line, “In order to make something special, you just have to believe it’s special.” and it’s been one of my favorite quotes from the movie. 🙂

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