Less is more

Imagine you’re in a house with so many things cluttered in it that you can’t move around. Do you feel stressed or burdened by the sight? Do you look forward to live in that house?


Now imagine that same house, but this time, it has few things in it that’s neatly organized.  It’s not a big house but it has more space to move around. Do you feel relaxed or peaceful with the sight? Would you prefer to live in that house?


As you grow in this business, you learn how to do more with less. ~ Morgan Freeman

Every day, we are given a choice which house to stay in. Our life is a lot like a house that we either fill-up with so many things or we maintain less things. Such choice determines if our life will be stressful or not.

Take for an instance, a person who says yes to everything and can’t say no. This person will end up doing so many things which will consume most of his time. He will be able to handle it well in the beginning, but later on, he’ll find himself exhausted and restless that will eventually lead to stress and dissatisfaction.

But if he knew how to stay focus by saying no to things he can’t accommodate, and just focus with less things that he can do well, he would have not suffer from exhaustion and restlessness. He would have been more satisfied and contented with what he does.

I know this situation very well ’cause I used to be a YES man type. I find it hard to say no and I want to do so many things all at the same time. Such attitude leads me to many stressful situations that blocked me to achieve success and happiness in my life.

However, the good thing about such bad situation is that I was able to learn a valuable lesson on focus and the abundance in less.

When I started cleaning up my life by taking away the unnecessary things, I was able to create more space for me to think clearly and calmly. As I continue to let go of the clutter, I was able to focus on less yet important things in my life. With such focus, I was able succeed in what I do, and I learned to be contented in what I have in the moment.


3 Reasons why less is more

Focus on less to do more. ~ Anonymous

Here are three of the reasons why less is more:

1.  Focus
When you have less things in life, you are able to set your focus on few yet important things in your life. The more focus you are, the higher chance of success.

2.  Space
Less creates more space in our life. Like a house, when we cater so many things, our life becomes cluttered and messy.

3.  Peace
The last but not least benefit of less is that it creates peace in our life. When we are able to focus and Have more space in our life, we are able to achieve higher level of peace of mind compared to when we try to accommodate so many things in our life.


P.S.: You may learn more on how to live more with less by reading the book “Less Doing, More Living by Ari Meisel“, click here.

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