Life Coaching 102: Lessons in Life

Schooling experience has been a huge part of our life.   Most people stayed in school for 16 years, the average.  It can still get longer if one takes further studies like MBA or PHD.  And surely it shaped who we are and what we have become now.

Alot of us expects to experience a great leap in our life after graduation.  But instead of a happy-ending story, we’re now faced with the stress and anxiety that the real world brings us.

Quiet often, we are faced with questions like, why they did not teach the ways to deal with stress and anxiety, the ways to deal with difficult people or how to handle a devilish boss?

Studying helped us a lot in becoming successful professionals that we are now, but seemingly, these questions and all other brutal facts were left inexplicable and uneducated in school.

To help us cope up with real life’s test, we’ve summarized below a lesson plan entitled, Life Coaching 102: Lessons in Life:

Life Lesson # 1: Increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Technical Intelligence is the main focus of our school system.  This is why most people become professionals, like accountants, engineer, doctors, lawyers or even a business person.  They’ve made sure that facts and figures were properly memorized by their students.  Plus they’ve ensured that students have learned discipline and follow rules.  However, they’ve failed to teach us that there is more important knowledge than techincal intelligence itself, and it’s our emotional intelligence.

Emotion is very important in the real world because it directs us how far we can go.  We deal with emotions in every single thing we do in our daily life.  It includes:

  • understanding oneself;
  • how we interact with people; and
  • How we response to life’s circumstances.

Oftentimes, even if you have high IQ but with a low EQ, you will surely create a difficult life for yourself.  This is why there are a lot of smart people who are unhappy and unsuccessful in life.

Remember, knowledge of emotions (EQ) and intelligence (IQ) should go hand in hand, if you want to achieve greater success and happiness in life.

Life Lesson #2: Be Remarkable

In school and at home, we were told to follow rules and be uniformed.  We have to follow set of rules and guidelines or else we may be kicked out.  Seldom are we encouraged to have self-expression and find our own mark.  But instead, we are encouraged to keep quiet and just follow the normal things.  That’s why most of us often keep down our opinions and true self for fear of being different.  We were trained to believe that being different is bad and abnormal.

But in the real world, if you want to create your life’s purpose and achieve success, you have to find your unique self and be remarkable.  You have to “wow” and be extra-ordinary.

Life Lesson #3: Information Diet

On the average, most of what we’ve learned in school is not applied in real life.  Because we fall in love to studying and memorizing theories, but we don’t take action. We always think we don’t have enough knowledge, so we keep on studying.  The end result, we know so much but we’ve done too little.

A lot of us falls into the syndrome of studying too much that we end up being overloaded with information.  Over analysis and knowledge leads to confusion of which to take action.

If you want to increase productivity and result in life, follow the “Information Diet”.  This means you have to stop reading and studying too much, and start taking small actions at a time.

In school, if you know a lot of things, you’re the winner.  But in real life, it’s not what you know; it’s what you do with what you know that makes you the winner.

Life Lesson #4: Fail Before You Learn

Which school encourages failure?  The answer is none. At home and in school, we are constantly reminded to avoid mistakes and failure.  Because failing is a representation of brain weakness and lack of progress.

In real life, it’s the opposite.  Because the more we fail, the better and wiser we become.  Failure oftentimes teaches us lessons we couldn’t have learned otherwise and it opens up a wider perspective in life.  This is why there are only few successful people, because only few are brave enough to face failures.

Most of people couldn’t comprehend that life isn’t perfect and it will never be.  That’s why instead of teaching us how to face failure and adversity, they train us to fear and avoid failure.

Remember that in life, most successful people become successful not because they didn’t fail, but because they failed so many times, learned the lessons and stood up after each failure.

Life Lesson #5: The Positive and “Win-Win” Attitude

In school, competition is highly encouraged that’s why there’s always a top student and a loser student.  You’d either become a teacher’s pet or a worse enemy.  And there’s the “nobody” or average student whom the teacher never realized existed.  Such kind of competition resulted a “win-lose” attitude for many.

This “win-lose” attitude have created people who are always on the look to out beat others in order to prove themselves as winner.  Also, “win-lose” attitude created a negative circumstance called “scarcity”.  Most people are competing in one aspect and neglecting the fact that there are so much abundant things in life.  We just keep on focusing on what others have that we don’t.

But if we look it in a positive and a “win-win” attitude, we see that there’s so many opportunity and abundance in life that’s left unnoticed.  And if we only take time to really understand and develop our other potentials, we do not have to stick into something that’s not making us win.

Sometimes, what’s normal and safe isn’t the real place that can make us a winner. Our negative circumstance is often caused by our own decisions of doing something that keeps making us lose.

These life lessons are the top five (5) I’ve learned as I experience a journey called Life.  You may believe in them or not, but these lessons have brought me so much positive things and success in life the day I’ve applied them in my life.  I do hope that you open your heart and mind to consider applying them in your life.  It may lead you to a more positive and successful life that it did to me.

For a final note, let me leave you this message:

The winners of life know the rules of the game and have a plan, so that their efficiency is comparatively exponential to that of people who don’t.  No big mystery, just fact.

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  1. Nicely Written Lou. These 5 lessons will always be fresh in my mind.

    You have raised a very valid point by writing that most of our problems are related to the way we are taught. We have always been forced to route learning. Route learning can make u learn only simple things and once when you stop fearing and take challenges and start understanding yourself, you start developing that “wow” factor.

    Rote learning has little to do with this. We may begin with rules and regulations, but we then have to move on to the more intricate complexion of life where boundaries are more fluid. A young artist would for instance, begin with small and simple sketches and pictures governed by the rules of art. Once the artist discovers self and is able to express and create original works in a way born of interior motivation rather than only by relying and adapting to the outside framework, she has begun the most important phase of her life journey.

    How do we make a life? We begin with creative education which enables us not just to respond to the market and changing situations in life, but which helps us find a path through the nettled hedgerow, to walk on paths not yet trod on and to expand the universe of our discourse to include all.

    When the time comes to sum up our lives and all that we have achieved and done we will find that what was most important was how we affected the lives of others for good and not so much the balance sheet we helped maintain.

    Making a living is essential. However, remember that making a life is important, too.

  2. thanks amit for the wonderful reply. there’s so much wise words to be learned. and i agree, “Making a living is essential. However, remember that making a life is important, too. ” 🙂

  3. Can I ask if you happen to be from Australia? You seem like an Ozzie :0)

  4. Hi Joyce, nope, I’m from the Philippines 🙂

  5. finding purpose in life is the first step towards success.having a dream opens the possibilities of acieving them.!

  6. You post some good information, but you need a good editor.

  7. Thanks for your feedback and honest suggestion, robin! working on it! 🙂

  8. sophia says:

    very nice lou.. I always check ur posts
    it never fails to inspire me
    i just wanna comment about encouraging failure.. I thinks its best if we learn from others mistakes…
    i had my share of failure and stupidity.. Sometimes theres no turning back.. U cannot rewrite it…and Youll forever be in misery. Warren buffet said something like this ‘its better u do less right things just do not do many wrong things’
    made sense…

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