Life Coaching 103: How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality?

Life is full of chances, and you do not live if you don’t take chances.

As I’m writing this blog post, I’m here sitting at a busy fitness club sipping a free brewed coffee I’ve got from the club’s beverage counter.  It’s early Wednesday morning, and as I’ve expected the crowd is fewer as compared to the afternoon sessions. Most are old people that can be my parents and grandparents who are probably now enjoying their retirement life aiming to recover their health that was worn out in their adult working years.  And as I continue sipping my coffee and observing, I felt happy and smiled. Because here I am, in my early twenties, enjoying the same freedom that retirees are enjoying.  And I don’t need to recover any worn out health, I am here to prevent and maintain its youthful and healthy beauty.

Now, I can’t help but feel so awed and happy to have achieved such freedom in early years.  I was able to achieve, my material wants, maintain a relationships I was aiming, go to places I’ve always wanted to visit, gain weight that I wanted, more time to spend with family, friends and significant ones, learn things I’ve always wanted to learn but I had no time, and all other desires I’ve written in my to do list in life.

A year ago, this was all just a dream.  A dream that most people have doubt that can happen, and only two (2) people have believed in it 100%, that’s my mom and my fiancé.  And as I write this, I remembered one principle I kept in mind a year ago, and that is:

Happy are those who dream dreams, and are willing to pay the price to make their dreams come true.

This phrase is hanging in our kitchen wall that I kept repeating in my head the past year.   It guided me and kept me motivated as I was sailing towards the dream life I am now enjoying. As I, now and in the future, create a new journey to a new dream, I will keep the principles and lessons of this phrase.  And you too can sail towards your dreams and achieve it, as you finish reading and bring with you the lessons here.


Dreams are deep rooted desires we wish or want to have.  And whether we know it or not, what we have and become now comes from our past desires which we consciously or unconsciously chose for ourselves.  And the only reason why People achieve their real desire while others do not achieve it is rooted on the clarity and intensity of their desires and dreams.

There is a big difference from *wishing* against *wanting*.  The former accepts possibility of not achieving while the latter only thinks of achieving.

And this is so true; I’ve come to proved that the reason why so much has changed in my life the past year is because of my deep desire to change it.  I really really wanted this kind of life that I even jot it down, created a dream board and pasted a cut out of the things I wanted to achieve.  And unbelievable it may sound, almost 90% of what I’ve included happened.  I have my family and friends who are just as amazed as I am.

Now, I am creating new dream board and jotting down my new wants and to do list, for as I’ve learned, we should never stop dreaming.  We should always seek ways to improve our life.  Not only it can bring the things we want in life, but most importantly, it creates meaning and difference in our life.

Before you proceed reading further, take time to reflect on what you’ve just learned.  And don’t just learn, do something. Begin by writing your wants, desire and goals.

Last weekend, I was on a vacation on one of the best beach resort of the world, named Boracay.  As I was enjoying the scenery and relaxing, my mind is contemplating on what I can learn from such experience.  And luckily, there is one realization, and that is.

Life is like a boat ride, you cannot see its beauty unless you go out there and sail.

Boracay is a paradise surrounded by ocean water, and you can’t reach it unless you take a plane ride and a small boat ride.  (The picture of the boat above was the boat going to Boracay Island).  It was my first time to go to boracay and to tell you honestly, I got scared when I saw the 30 sitter plane I have to ride.  Although it wasn’t the first time I rode such small plane, but still, it made small fear in me.  The same is true with the boat ride; it was a small boat compelling us to wear life jackets.  And when we reached the island, we’ve tried so many water activities that if you have a weak heart, probably, you won’t dare to ride

Such made me realize something, and is related to this phrase:


People in boracay are in boracay because they wanted to be in boracay.  And because they wanted it so much, they were willing to take the risk of riding small planes and boat just to make their dream came true because their now in boracay.  Does it make sense to you?

If you want something, really really want something, you must be willing to pay the price.  Like for another instance, when you really want the nice clothes and shoes, don’t you pay for it with your allowance, salary or credit card, so you can own it?  But why can’t you do the same for your true dreams in life? Why are you not giving and paying the price just to achieve your dream?

I’m guessing you have gotten my point here.  What I just want to leave here is that if you want something, if you dream of something, be willing to sacrifice and take risk to pay the price in making your dream reality.

In my quest to the dream life I’m enjoying now, I’ve sacrificed a lot because I’ve believed and wanted so much to make my dream a reality. My dreams and decisions appeared impossible and unrealistic for a lot of people that’s why I’m encountered a lot of criticism and negative feedbacks. But with my dreams intact, I followed and pursued my dreams even how much obstacle and setbacks I’ve encountered.  Now, as I look back how much have changed in my life in just a year, I’m so glad I’ve pursued my dreams for if I didn’t I wouldn’t be living the dream life I have now.

And as I continue my quest to create more new dreams, I’ll keep in mind the lessons and experiences I’ve gone thru the past year.

If you are now ready to pursue in achieving your dreams in life, remember these two points, you cannot reach the island of your wants unless you:

  1. You must know and have deep desire in your dreams; and
  2. Sail and pay the price of your dreams, regardless.

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  1. Hi Lou,

    Totally agree with you. Liked the difference you have given about “Wishing” and “Wanting”. Really wanting something is a totally different experience, It is like nirvana, As every obstacle looks very small, rare possibility looks big opportunity, a little hope looks enough to sail through all problems. really liked these lines

    “the only reason why People achieve their real desire while others do not achieve it is rooted on the clarity and intensity of their desires and dreams.”

  2. Lou this is so very different from what i ve been reading..keep up the good work by writing more such articles


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