10 Things I’ve Learned from Failure and Adversity

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ~ BuddhaIn the past six (6) months, I took three different professional (3) examinations, and fortunately, I’ve passed them all. After I’ve passed the third (3) examination, I’ve suddenly realized that I took and passed them all in the same year, when probably, in the past, I would have been really conservative or fearful, and take one (1) exam per year instead of taking it all once in six (6) months. And why would I delay it? Because of fear, the fear of failure and adversity. Failure and adversity, admittedly, still keeps me awake at night. Often, the fear of failure and adversity causes my inaction, to choose what safe and less risky. Fear of failure and adversity also causes me to be too controlling, the tendency to distrust other people. What I’ve noticed is that fear of failure and adversity results to lack of progress in what I do, distrust and unhealthy relationship. Taking and passing the three (3) professional exams happened … [Read more...]