Living Life to the Fullest Carnival: New Year Special

Welcome 2010Welcome to the January 2, 2010 edition of carnival of living life to the fullest.

This is our first edition for year 2010.

This edition is part of our celebration of welcoming 2010 and we have a lot of entries about new year, new beginning and new years resolutions. Great blogs posts to start your year.

Happy new year everyone…

Madeleine Begun Kane presents We Don’t Think We Can Dance, But We Do It Anyway posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

debt kid presents I’m Getting married to My Best Friend posted at DebtKid.
Paul Reyes-Fournier presents Celebrity Shout-Out : Annie Lennox and SING posted at
axel presents Cultivating Mindfulness posted at axel g.
Harold Gelien presents 25 Online Tests to Check Up on Your Health posted at Diagnostic Medical Sonography Degree.
Jennifer Kingsley presents Top 10 Hilarious DIY Home Projects Gone Terribly Wrong posted at Construction management degree.

2010 Plans

nissim ziv presents Being Your Own Boss: Advantages and Disadvantages posted at Job Interview Guide, saying, “The Big Boss, The Head Honcho
Who doesn’t want to be the boss? Let’s face it – no one grows up thinking, “I hope I always have someone standing over me to tell me what to do and how to do it.” Yet most people don’t end up being the head honcho, do they?”
Andy Hayes presents Make 2010 a Travel More Year posted at Sharing Travel Experiences, saying, “Grow yourself and expand your perspective by travelling more in 2010.”

Balance Life

Mike Ross presents 25 Social Media Sites to Help You Live Longer and Healthier posted at Budget Life Blog.
Aparna presents Test your level of self-esteem posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, “Get more out of your life with good self esteem
Get balance in your life – be confident, motivated and disciplined Grow and develop
Utilize your talents and values
Accomplish your goals and dreams”


Elisha Webster Emerson presents A Little Angst Cannot be Helped posted at My Inconvenient Body, saying, “When we look for magic in all the wrong places, we are bound to be disappointed.”


Positive Present presents living life with purpose posted at positively present.

New Beginnings

Tomar Levine presents Finding One’s True Work After Fifty posted at Blooming, saying, “There are no role models or career counselors to point us in the direction of our unique work. So I had to wait to evolve and develop before I was ready to discover it for myself. Are you ready?”
Annaly Curzon presents Teens With ‘Tude posted at Working On Me, saying, “Get the year off to a good start with your teen. Remember they’re in the thrall of hormones.”
Peter Brennan presents How To Get What You Want posted at Personal Growth.
christopher foster presents Is happiness hiding in plain sight? posted at, saying, “As we look ahead to another New Year it’s worth remembering that little moments and little things often contain more true happiness than the big, ambitious schemes we sometimes dream up.”
Kaushik Chokshi presents How to mend a broken heart posted at Beyond Karma, saying, “How to get over the pain of a relationship…”
Guffly presents Exercise with the Earth in Mind | Guffly posted at Guffly, saying, “Guffly is a one product per day online store featuring eco friendly products and fair trade lifestyle goods like home, pet, clothing, office and personal accessories. We know that people aren’t interested in ugly stuff, so you can bet Guffly’s green products are stylish, fun and attractive – eco stylish if you will. Shop the Daily Guff at”
Steven Handel presents Top Twelve Things To Do While Unemployed posted at The Emotion Machine.
Howling Duck Ranch presents Developing the Veggie Patch posted at Howling Duck Ranch, saying, “Having quit my job to attempt to live my dream of learning to grow all my own food, raise my own meat, and preserve all of the above, I am now a confirmed food provisioner!”
June Tree presents Best Ways To Invest Small Amounts of Money posted at The Digerati Life.
TSW Blog presents Managing Our Family Finances During A Jobless Recovery posted at The Smarter Wallet, saying, “Working to improve our finances for the next year.”

New Years Resolution

Melissa presents Dollars Up In Smoke posted at Save Your Savings, saying, “A great way to save money and improve your health is to quit smoking.”
Cheryl Ragsdale presents Clarity, Wisdom and Courage: 3 Winning Ways to Play Your Game | posted at That Girl is Funny, saying, “How about setting a resolution to “strike while the iron is hot”? Read on to sort out what you need to know to make the right move in any situation requiring instant action with no second chance…”
Ben Klempner, MSW presents Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff posted at Effective Family Communication, saying, “Too often we allow ourselves to get worked up over little things. A good New Years resolution is resolving not to sweat the small stuff.”
Tanner Maluchnik presents Setting Effective New Years Resolution Goals in 2010 posted at Life Destiny – Experimenting with Lifestyle Designs, Personal Development, & Improvement Marketing, saying, “Learn how to set effective new years resolution goals for the year 2010!”


Kaitlyn cole presents 100+ Helpful Tips for Surviving and Thriving in Dorm Life posted at Online
Editorial presents The Most Critical Ten Seconds of a Relationship posted at Your Best Library, saying, “Whenever you meet someone new, you make a first impression in the first ten seconds of your encounter. People base their opinions about their associates on their first impressions. That makes the first ten seconds of your encounter crucial for the rest of your relationship.”
Ralph Jean-Paul presents The Ultimate Guide to Giving and Taking Constructive Criticism posted at Potential 2 Success, saying, “A complete guide to giving criticism to friends, employees, and just about any other person in your life. This article also contains ways for you to be able to take criticism gracefully.”
Laura Grace Weldon presents Getting and Giving, Big Time posted at Laura Grace Weldon, saying, “This post offers a brighter way of looking at how we’ve gotten this far. It’s a very positive post about collaboration and innovation as they affect our future.”
A Markle presents Bathroom Cleaning in Less Than Ten Minutes posted at Andrew Markle.
Rose King presents 100 Cool Coffee Hacks for College Students posted at Online
Angela Martin presents 100 Essential Lifehacks Every Student Should Know | Online College Tips – Online Colleges posted at Online
axel presents Consumed By Collective Fear posted at axel g.
Aparna presents Test your level of self-esteem posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming, saying, “Get more out of your life with good self esteem. Get balance in your life – be confident, motivated and disciplined Grow and develop …”
Steve Chasey presents Cause this is Thriller! posted at S&S Travel the Long Way Round, saying, “This article concerns taking the opportunity to get away while still staying close to home, of exploring the opportunities to take a nearby vacation with loved ones and make celebrations out of the little things.”
Talk Prom Dresses presents The Prom Purse posted at Prom Dresses, saying, “Tips for finding the perfect prom purse.”
Tomar Levine presents Inspiration: Is the Sun Shining at Your Feet? posted at Blooming, saying, “What if the sun were shining at our feet? Would we even see it there?”
Devin Licastro presents The Inspired Life – Day 0 posted at Travel To Grow, saying, “My 10 day challenge of renewing my inspiration for life.
feel free to use day 1 of the challenge if you think it would fit better.”


Karthik Guruchandran presents Stress Management posted at KARTHIK RAJ G, saying, “How to effectively manage Stress !”


Paul Piotrowski presents Taking Your Life to the Next Level posted at Inspired Money Maker.
Nikit Irmal presents Five Startup Ideas to Help Others Beat a Tough Job Market ~ Sales Leads, Business Leads, B2B Leads and More | The Small Business Owners Guide posted at Sales Leads, Business Leads, B2B Leads and More | The Small Business Owners Guide, saying, “A tough job market spells opportunity for entrepreneurs offering professional support services. Find out how you can launch a small business in career counseling, placement, training, business process outsourcing or marketing.”
Steven Handel presents Create A Progressive Timeline To Better Envision Your Goals posted at The Emotion Machine.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of living life to the fullest using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.


  1. A great list! I’m honored to be included. Thanks!

  2. Wow! This is a great list to be included in to kick off 2010! Lots of interesting posts to read.

  3. I did not see the list;nor I wish to see it. Instead stressing the mind with the long list of “to do “: I prefer to do, be it a little a day. In my experience,nothing can be achieved without doing.
    So let us begin 2010 with a little doing for peace ,happiness and harmony.
    I have learned and experienced the modest beginning one day touches the highest peak.

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