Living Now: How to Live in the Present?

Every day, we are given a new gift called present.  However, seldom do you find people who actually know how to live in the present.  Most of us are either cannot let go of the past or worrying about the future.

I’ve used to belong in the majority of people where I forget to live in the present.  I cling on the past and I kept on worrying about the future.  My fretting attitude started when I chose to pursue the career of a professional accountant.  Since then, I became too serious in studying and working.  I’ve lived a busy, stressful and tiring life.  I was too competitive and focus to succeed that I have no time to enjoy the present.  I was too preoccupied in climbing the ladder of success in the corporate world and be able to provide the financial needs of my family.  And to make things even more stressful and hard, I had to handle my first heartbreak from a 5-years relationship.  You can say I was having a real-life-crisis and nightmare back in those days which is why I cannot avoid not to be stressed and anxious on a lot of things that pimples started to break out all over my face, and I’ve looked so haggard.

However, the stressful and negative circumstances in my life changed when I’ve learned how to live in the present and enjoy living now.  The day I started to appreciate life at the moment, my life optimistically changed in so many ways.  Here are some of those changes:

  • I was able to move on and let go of the past
  • I knew how to appreciate and live life to the fullest
  • I smile often even when I’m eating
  • I don’t take myself too seriously, as such, it helps to appreciate the simple things in life
  • I meet a lot of people because I no longer seclude myself from the world because I’m always working
  • I’m focused in what I want to achieve instead doing so many things without a particular goal
  • I have a better relationship with people
  • I travel to places and experience new things
  • I don’t worry on looking good and on what other people will say because I have achieved self-mastery
  • I am successful in what I choose to do in life
  • I inspire, motivate and positively change so many people’s life through Live Life to the Fullest (
  • I speak, teach and lead people through public seminars
  • And so many more positive life changes


Now, I’m happier, less stressed and living my life to the fullest.  I no longer take myself too seriously. I don’t worry and clinging to negative things.  Instead, I strive to focus my attention on the positive things and giving my best in what I do every day.  And the more I practice such habit of living now and appreciating the present, the happier and successful my life gets.

To help you enjoy and live life at present, I’ll share with you Three (3) Tips on How to Live in the Present and Start Living Now…  here’s what you need to know and develop:


Have you noticed that the more developed a place is, the complicated life becomes?  This is because people forget to appreciate the simple things in life.

Take this as an example: Ordering food in the fast-food counter.  Normally, these food businesses creates an ordering system where meal packages are already arranged to keep things simple, fast and easy for the customer.  However, there are costumers which love to complicate the system of ordering food, instead of choosing a particular meal package and accept the food included, they make it time-consuming and hard by changing the items in the package.  This is why instead of a 2-minute ordering time; it takes 10-minutes to fill the order.  Often, such complicated orders lead to errors and then customer will get angry about not getting his/her order on time and for the stupid cashier who doesn’t know how to take orders.  But let’s make a different scenario, if the customer kept a simple mindset and just choose a package, left the counter and just eat it, he/she will have saved 8-minutes of ordering time, ate, and left the fast-food chain without stress.

In such scenario, we are the one who create stress in our lives.  Instead of keeping things simple, we love to complicate it, and then we become stressed by the negative circumstances of our life.

But if you want to achieve happiness in the present and living now to the fullest, start by developing a simple mindset and keeping your life simple.  Do not over clutter and complicate things in your life.  Focus your thoughts and actions to significant matters.  And avoid fussing over small stuff.


Another attitude of unhappy people is ungratefulness.  They always love to see the things they don’t have instead of appreciating the things that they do have.

To achieve happiness and attract more things in your life, start developing a positive and grateful attitude.  There is a saying that like attracts like. We become more of what we always think of.  That’s why if we focus thinking on the negative things, we become sad and unwell, but if we focus our thoughts on the positives, we become energetic and happy.

In order to enjoy the present to the fullest and start living now, attract more positive things in your life by developing a grateful attitude. To help you on how, read this article:  The Grateful List (


Another reason that blocks people to live and enjoy living now is their inability to let go of the past and they worry too much about the future.  Thus, it creates the feeling of unhappiness in the present.

In order to live life to the fullest now, learn how to move on from the past and prepare for the future, instead of worrying about it.  Because if you focus your energy and time in the present, you will be able to avoid thinking of the past and you can plan and take better actions towards the future.  If you make the best out of the present, it gives you no time to be anxious.

For a final note, here’s a simple reminder on living now and enjoying the present:

You are your own enemy.  You are the one who sets your own limitation.  You are the one who make your life complicated and hard.  With that said, you are also the one responsible in changing and making your life easy, happy and successful.  And you can begin doing that by learning how to enjoy and start living now.  


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