LOVE: Let’s Make This World Beautiful

GuestPost by: Amit Kumar

Amit is  a software engineer by profession.  He has a keen interest in motivational books, articles, blogs.  He started writing blogs last year and was enjoying writing about his vivid experiences.  He thinks life is a great teacher and it teaches and motivates him everyday. His blogs are  a reflection of various thoughts he has accumulated in his mind while passing through life changing moments. If you would like to find out more about him and his writings,  feel free to visit his website, click A Search for Motivation

I read Lou’s article few days back and It was about love and how it changed her life.  Her article made me think about love and its power. I never understood love earlier and it remained   just a word for me few years back. But I have realized now that love is more than a word.  In fact, lack of Love is root of all the problems and love is the only solution for most of the problems around. This article is my realization of the importance of love and various incidents that changed my views about love. Love mentioned here is not just an emotion between a boy and girl, but a feeling of compassion between different individuals.

7 years back when I joined an engineering college to do my graduation, I did not know  what exactly was love and why so many boys and girls were holding each other’s hand most of the time,  what made them connect so well and brought them together.  But when I look back, I can understand that why love was so important at that particular moment. We were living with our parents before joining college and we were out on our own after admission. We all were in a different city and different situation and we all were feeling emptiness in our life and the only way we could fill it was through someone’s love and care. This was the reason that so many boys and girls were together there and once there was someone to love them, everything became normal. That is the power of love, It can heal every heart.

I am at a coffee shop right now and as Valentine’s Day is just some days away, shop is full of boys and girls. I just look around and see there are many couples, holding each other’s hand, listening each other’s talks and sometimes just looking into each other’s eyes. I am alone at a table and it feels so good to see them. I am just sitting in the vicinity of them, surrounded by the positive energy of their love and affection. It just makes me so happy to see this much love around. It feels my heart with happiness and compassion for others.

There is a newspaper at my table and I just read the headline once. I find 80% news is of suffering and pain. There is a revolution at some place, earthquake at other, suicide cases, terrorism, scams, increasing cold war between countries, increasing gap between rich and poor. I just close my eyes and  ask god “ Is there any solution for all these problems?” nothing comes up, I just ask again and again same question saying that I can’t see all this and I can’t be happy in this life when there is so much suffering  around. After so much of praying, I just see a small light peeping through and only four letters partly visible.  I concentrate harder and try to read it and find that the word was “LOVE”.  I get my answer. Yes, Love is the solution for all the problems around.

If we just look around the world, we will find numerous problems and issues. But at the core of every issue there is only one strong reason and that is thinking about self and ignoring other’s interests. Thinking about self is never bad, but ignoring other people’s interest while thinking about self is a sin that can never give us happiness. In this blind race of development, Professionalism, money making, we all are constantly hurting others. It has almost become a habit to hurt others for earning some extra money or get that promotion or just show our superiority. We all have stopped loving each other and now started hating others based on caste, creed, religion and nationality. There is no compassion between different individuals and somehow there are many people out there living with anger and in turn this earth is filled with negative emotions of anger, hate and many similar things.  This is the reason we are getting increased number of natural calamity every year and this is the reason we lose many people in various cases of violence, terrorism too. I just want to tell all of you that let’s remove that anger from our heart and let’s start loving and let’s start from our end. Let us first start loving ourselves as you cannot love others without loving yourself. Let’s come together, help each other, use all the resources effectively and make this world beautiful.  I will just wait for the day when only love will be flowing from our heart for others and then we will see how all these problems of this world will go away. There will be no terrorism, no violence based on caste, creed and nationality. Once love flows like a river between us, we will be able to remove all the negative emotions and will fill this world with calmness, prosperity and positive energy. And then will come one day that even all natural calamities will vanish and earth will flourish and bloom in our collective consciousness. Let’s move towards this collective consciousness and let’s love each other. Only Love can heal this world and who will start if you and I do not make a first move.

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