Mommy, They Said Im Bad!

How many times have we encounter difficulty relating to other people? Encounters that resulted to heated arguments because both you and the other party want to prove their good worth. Who is good and who is bad? Who is right and who is not?

What causes the differences?

People accept different beliefs in life. And people who are open and respect others opinions are good to deal with, but often times, you’d be encountering people who are close-minded and opinionated. This differences is most often the source of conflicts because the other would love to prove themselves right.

A sample differences can come from the two types of person:

  1. “A” Person is someone who lives his/her life within someone else’s opinion; and
  2. “B” Person who lives the way he/she wants, regardless.

We’ve dealt with a lot of “A” type of people, those who’s way of living is materially influenced by others, maybe their family, friends, special someone or critics. These people are big influence in their decision making. When you ask them why? It’s because these people are really important to them. On the other hand, “B” people are the type who does what they want regardless. They don’t care of what others think because of their own great desire.

This kind of differences rose up from the way each of us has been raised up. Such may be attributed to the geographic location and culture we have dealt with as we grow up.

How to deal with differences?

You may have been contemplating on how to deal with indifferences ‘cause of your own not so good experiences. Like if you’re more of a B type person it will be hard for you to deal with close minded and opinionated people.

Oftentimes, people deal with indifferences by pointing out that their right, verbally or even physically. This kind of encounters may be forgotten or most of the time creates gap on the relationships.

You’ve dealt with a lot of indifferences in your life, like with your family, friends and colleagues. It either created gaps that were forgotten or lasted that you desperately want to know how to deal with it. You may either humble yourself to admit that you were wrong or you can stick up to your belief. Until you’ll realize that the answer is neither for it all comes down to respect from both parties.

Why is respect important?

The best way to deal with indifferences is respect.

That’s being open to listen and respect the other person’s belief without actually believing and applying it as yours.

You’d eventually learn that there isn’t really right or wrong in this life, since we are all created with freedom to choose, that life’s a choice. Right or wrong just depends on you. And if what other’s do is beyond your standards of right or wrong, the best way to deal with it is respect it instead of attacking it.

For a final word, accept that differences are part of life.

What’s right for you might be wrong to the other, vice versa. Nobody can really tell who’s right or wrong, good or bad. And to deal with it gracefully, you just need to learn how to respect.

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