Napoleon Hill’s First Editions Book Review

“We can sharpen our intellect through the experiences of others, but our emotions are vitalized and developed only through our own personal experiences.  Therefore, we can profit from every experience that works upon our emotions, whether that experience brings joy or grief.”  – Napoleon Hill

The book, Napoleon Hill’s First Editions, came from the Napoleon Hill archives which consist of a rare collection of articles first published in Hill’s Golden Rule Magazine and Napoleon Hill’s Magazine in the period of 1918 to 1924.

If you are an avid reader, student and follower of Napoleon Hill’s principles and works, Napoleon Hill’s First Editions hardcover is a great addition in your book collections included in your personal library.

Napoleon Hill was born in 1873 in Southwest Virginia.  He came from a remote area with little opportunity for success but he raised to distinction as the author of the motivational classics The Laws of Success and Think and Grow Rich which has sold millions of copies worldwide for over 80 years. Although Napoleon Hill died in 1970 at the age of 87, today his writings are more popular and timely than ever.

Napoleon Hill died in November 1970 after long and successful career writing, teaching, and lecturing about the principles of success. His lifework continues under the direction of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, whose goal and mission is to assist people throughout the world to reach their highest level of personal achievement and self-fulfillment.

Let this book give you a greater understanding of Napoleon Hill’s works and success principles.  Whether you are a student of his bestselling books The Law of Success or Think and Grow Rich, you will gain valuable insights from this book which will be relevant for you to achieve success and richness in your life.

Book Content

Napoleon Hill’s First Editions book was bounded and published in 2007.  The purpose was to make Napoleon Hill’s rare articles written in 1918 to 1924 available to his readers and followers in this time.

Napoleon Hill’s First Editions book consist of 236 pages with 13 chapters that talks about the following topics:

Personal Inventory

One of the greatest lessons a man can learn is that of self-control.  One can never exercise any very great amount of influence over others until he first learns to exercise control over himself.

In this chapter, Napoleon Hill discusses why only few men succeed.  He offers insight on how you can become one of those few.

Love for Work

A man can multiply the results of his work by at least ten, without becoming tired, when he has found the work that he loves.

In this chapter, Napoleon Hill explains why when a man loves his work, the more successful and happier he becomes.  He also suggests how to find the work that you love.


The man who succeeds in life is the man who gets what he needs when he needs it, and if he does not get it he is not a success, no matter how proficient he may be in explaining the reason why he did not get it.

In this chapter, Napoleon Hill illustrates why a man of education is no better than a man without education, why men with initiatives are the ones who reach success faster.

Permanent Success

The only permanent good that can come to a child comes out of what he does for himself.  The greatest service that can be rendered any person on earth is the service which causes that person to rely upon himself.

The Magic Ladder of Success

The object of this ladder is to show what man-power, and how it is developed in those who do not possess it.  Man-power comes only through organized knowledge intelligently directed.

The Power of Organized Effort

This chapter is based on scientific facts.  The fundamentals that mark the difference between a leader and a follower is out of organized effort.

The Master Mind

Napoleon Hill reiterates that no one man could accomplish very much without the coordinated effort of other minds.

Character Analysis

This chapter talks about the most interesting work in the world which is character analysis.  It uncovers the highlights of human nature and shows clearly those qualities that tear down as well as those that build up.

Personally, what I like most about the book is that it story-tell 7 Turning Point in Napoleon Hill’s life.  It narrates how he rose from life struggles after having grown in a community where the chance of success was close to impossible. It’s very inspiring and motivating how he eventually succeeded and became the success guru for almost a century now.

Each chapter had created a huge impact and imparted a lot of lessons to me.  The chapter that became my personal favourite is Chapter 2: The End of the Rainbow.  It’s because the chapter was a narrative of Napoleon Hill’s experience covering a period of more than 20 years.  By reading the chapter, you will realize how necessary it is to take into consideration the events in your life which guides and determines your destiny, success, happiness, or life.

Additionally, by reading the 7 turning points in the life of Napoleon Hill, you will understand the relevance of failure and setbacks in order for you to achieve the rainbows end you are aiming for, whether it’s success, happiness or destiny.


If you are one of the students of Napoleon Hill, or you want to learn the principles and secrets to success, this book, Napoleon Hill’s First Editions, will be a valuable adde tion to your collection and continuous growth.  With this book, you will better appreciate and understand the roots of Napoleon Hill’s success teachings.  His own life struggles, turning points and success will not only inspire and motivate you, but will leave you with tools and wisdoms you can apply in your own journey to success.

As we near the end of this book review, bring with you this important lesson learned by Napoleon Hill:

“I was in demand not because of what I knew, which was little enough, but because of my willingness to make the best use of what little I did know.  The spirit of willingness proved to be the most powerful and strategic principle I’ve learned.”

p.s.: You may want to start reading the book, Napoleon Hill’s First Edition, you may get a copy, here.

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