The DJs Talked About Paradigm Shift

Look at the image on the left side.  Do you see the two images of a young woman and an old woman?  Go ahead, try again!

This image is lifted from the book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” written by Stephen Covey.  The image is an example of “Paradigm Shift”.

Yesterday, I was alone driving home with the radio turned on to keep me company.  Interestingly, the DJs on air were talking about ‘Paradigm Shift’.  I was a bit surprised to hear the unusual words of ‘Paradigm Shift’ from a music station which usually talks about playful stuffs like partying, sex, girls/boys, dating, cheating, heartbreak, etc.

Honestly speaking, whenever I listen to the local radio stations, I only want to hear the music.  Whenever the DJs just starts to talk endlessly about the playful stuff, that I’m really not interested to listen at and felt that is not useful in my life, I shift the channel to a more sensible music station. And that my friend, is an example of ‘Paradigm Shift’.


As has defined,

Paradigm  Shift is:

  1. a fundamental change in approach or assumptions
  2. acceptance by a majority of a changed belief, attitude, or way of doing things.

For, Paradigm Shift is a dramatic change in methodology or practice. It often refers to a major change in thinking and planning, which ultimately changes the way projects are implemented.


In simple term, paradigm shift denotes change.  The change involved in a paradigm shift is not the usual change in our hairstyle, make-up, attire, job, or home address.  It involves a much deeper change in the way we think and feel about things in life as a whole.


Remember the usual saying, “There’re always two sides of every story”.

In life, each event involves a dual-effect of the good and the bad.  Many want to follow what majority thinks as fine while they try to avoid what is seen as terrible.  This is why fashion is a hit.  Personally, I don’t cling on who’s good or who’s bad because I don’t see anything as awful, just different.  I see the dual-effect of good and bad as similar to the “two sides of story”.

That’s the essence of “Paradigm Shift”.  There are two sides in every event or circumstance.  Once you are able to cross from one way of thinking to another thinking, then you’ve achieved the so-called “Paradigm Shift”.


The hardest choice anyone will take is when they’ll choose something that is not seen as normal.  Because one of the greatest needs of human is to belong.  Having the courage to follow a different path often leads to criticism and being an outcast.  And that’s not bearable to many who want to seek change, which is why they just settle to belong instead of exploring a new path and achieve a different result.

You cannot be two people at the same time, if you want to become someone else, you need to let go of the person you are now.

If you are not happy with what you are and have at this point, would it be a healthy move to continue being miserable and do nothing?  I’m sure you will say, “Ofcourse not, I should do something to achieve happiness in life”.  Yes, it is the best move, but is that what you’ve done?

Life is as simple as “Paradigm Shift” of Radio Station

Often, we love to complicate life this is why in every decision making we end up overanalyzing things.  However, if we try to keep a simple and open mind, decision making in life is as plain as changing and shifting a radio station.

When you find something or someone as irrelevant, uninteresting and unfulfilling in your life, shift your focus and find ways to make something or someone relevant, interesting and fulfilling.

No ifs, no buts.  Do not over analyze and over complicate your decision making because too much analyzing leads to being paralyzed.

Remember, there are always two sides of every story.  If one does not work, maybe it’s time for you to try the other side.  Who knows what you’ve been waiting for is ahead of you on the other side.

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