Personal Development

Personality development is the growth of the organized pattern of behaviors and attitudes that makes a person distinctive. It occurs by the ongoing interaction of temperament, character, and environment. It includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitates employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

A Year That Was: 3 Benefits of Year-End Self-Review

An unexamined life is not worth living. ~ Socrates As of this writing, exactly a week from now, another year will end.In the past, during this month of December, I’m busy buying gifts for people, at home, workplace, friends, relatives, etc., and busy attending several parties. However, this year is different. I attended only one party, and I didn’t spend a lot of time buying gifts. Instead, I spent my time mostly at home, with my son and husband, just hanging out and living simply like an ordinary day.Nowadays, I don’t see this time of the year as I used to see it before. And because of such change, a time without the haste of parties and gift buying/giving, I was able to have time to think and reflect about my year, my life, and life in general.Today, while walking calmly in our garden, enjoying my time alone and with bonsai trees, a question appeared in my mind: how was my year?As I recall the events in my life during the year, it made me realized the following … [Read more...]

10 Things I’ve Learned from Failure and Adversity

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ~ BuddhaIn the past six (6) months, I took three different professional (3) examinations, and fortunately, I’ve passed them all. After I’ve passed the third (3) examination, I’ve suddenly realized that I took and passed them all in the same year, when probably, in the past, I would have been really conservative or fearful, and take one (1) exam per year instead of taking it all once in six (6) months. And why would I delay it? Because of fear, the fear of failure and adversity. Failure and adversity, admittedly, still keeps me awake at night. Often, the fear of failure and adversity causes my inaction, to choose what safe and less risky. Fear of failure and adversity also causes me to be too controlling, the tendency to distrust other people. What I’ve noticed is that fear of failure and adversity results to lack of progress in what I do, distrust and unhealthy relationship. Taking and passing the three (3) professional exams happened … [Read more...]

5 Benefits of Self-Education

The ability to self-educate is probably one of the rare but most important characteristic someone must have to succeed in our time.Whenever I'm in my son's school, I can't help not to look on this signage: "All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten." The signage is like saying that most of the things we studied in elementary, high school and college are not as important as what we've learned in kindergarten.I came to realised recently that our school education just prepared us to be a good employees. We studied in school in general in order to adapt well to the society or community we live in. But if you really want to excel and succeed beyond the norm, you need to educate or learn beyond the regular "schooling", and that's through self-education. What is Self-Education? Self-education, for me, is the ability to continuously learn and discover new things beyond the regular school system or corporate and professional trainings.Self-education is by reading … [Read more...]

10 Tips in Managing Multiple Responsibilities

Stop managing your time. Start managing your focus. ~ Robin SharmaYou have 24 hours in a day, and yet, you often feel it's not enough to do all the things you need to do. Nowadays, it's common to fill your day with multiple tasks and responsibilities: with work or at home. And with all these responsibilities, you often feel that 24 hours is not enough. In general, your available time is in reverse proportion to the responsibilities you take. This means that if you accept more responsibilities, the less available time you have. On the other hand, if you have less responsibilities, the more available time you have. If time and responsibilities are linked together, then is the solution to have more time is to decrease responsibilities? The answer can be yes, and this is the common choice. However, if you give up more responsibilities, like your work / business/ personal, in exchange for more time, you have to be willing to sacrifice another area of responsibilities, like not … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Overcome Your Lost Motivation

No matter how slow you go, you are still ahead of those who lay down on the couch and do nothing. Get moving. Work on your dreams.Have you experience a time where you have an idea or a goal, you are so excited to get started and do the work, but along the way, you lose motivation? It’s a moment where you feel stuck and unwilling to move. And as you continue to procrastinate, eventually you get depressed for lack of result in your life. Many of us go through this phase in our life, especially if you are a goal-oriented individual who’s in pursuit of your dream. As I came to realised and experienced that we go through three (3) stages when we pursue our dreams.Start - at this stage we have high energy cause we are still excited with the idea of our goals turning to reality. Middle - in accounting we call this stage as “work-in-progress”. This means that the work has started but still not yet completed. This is the most difficult stage because the hard work is done here. … [Read more...]