Personal Development

Personality development is the growth of the organized pattern of behaviors and attitudes that makes a person distinctive. It occurs by the ongoing interaction of temperament, character, and environment. It includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitates employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Do It Right The First Time

I was contemplating about my life and business/work recently when I thought of this phrase:   Do it right the first time, because you may not get a second chance. ~ Anonymous   In business and accounting, DRIFT - Do It Right the First Time, is widely use to ensure that professional quality of work are done in an efficient and effective manner by ensuring that things are done right, so as to save time and cost for delays and future problems.   I now realized how important this is not only in business, but in life, in general. Because if you don’t do things right now, later on, you will suffer from the consequences (some people call it karma) of your negligence to do things right the first time.   Based on my experience, I kind of agree that there is indeed undesirable effects when you neglect to do things right the first time. I made this mistake quite a few times already and the cost I paid for it was indeed substantial. Oftentimes, the … [Read more...]

Be Kind and Considerate

Every day, we interact with different kinds of people, from our home, school, workplace, community, etc. Our ability to manage our interactions with other people creates an impact on how good or bad our day (or life in general) will become. In the past, when I was in my teens and early twenties, I wasn’t good in interacting and relating with other people. I was introverted, shy and conservative. I get conscious whenever I talk to people especially when I’m in a crowd. I care about what other people will say about me that’s why I prefer avoiding the crowd and just hang out with selected few people in order not to get offended or hurt. I even tend to get controlling and clingy. And the worst part is that I always end up having a fight or broken relationship with another person whether it’s at home or in school. But luckily I was able to change my attitude and improve my ability to deal and interact with other people.  It wasn’t an instant process though, it took a few years and I’m … [Read more...]

Take the First Step

In actual life every great enterprise begins with and takes its first forward step in faith. ~ Friedrich Schlegel Oftentimes, we have dreams and desires that we want to achieve, yet we are afraid to take a step towards it. We may be filled with doubt of success or we fear failure. Sometimes we just don’t want to take the uneasiness of taking action so instead, we just choose to settle with what’s currently comfortable to us.   In my study of the lives and attitudes of successful people, almost 100% of these men and women have said that they achieved their success because they courageously took the first step to make their dreams a reality. In their first step, they brought with them their focus, commitment and drive to pursue their dreams.   Are You Waiting For The Right Time?   When I think about taking the first step, I remember an event in my life when I learned to let go of my mentality of waiting for the right time. The change in my mind-set I owe to … [Read more...]

Expand and Grow Yourself

I was reading the book, Good to Great by Jim Collins ,when this phrase caught my attention: We dont know what we'll find when we get there, but well sure let you know when we get back. - Lewis and Clark As I waited to have my blood check in the hospital laboratory, I wrote my thoughts about what I read. My mind was filled with a simple question, How come some people are able to take the step to expand and grow themselves in life while others don't? Why those who challenge themselves to continuously grow are able to tell great stories of their life experiences while those who don't lack anything to say? An experience I can relate to this is when I travel. Traveling is one of the things I really love to do. Other than the fun, what I love about traveling is being in a different place, seeing different people and experiencing a different way of life. These things leaves not only unforgettable memories but also lessons about life. Somebody once said, if you want to have … [Read more...]

Have a Dream

William Arthur Ward once said, If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.   I’ve always been a person who has dreams; some may call it goals or ambitions. In fact, I used to have lots of dreams that people around me thinks I’m crazy to even dream about it.   One of the “crazy” dreams I had was becoming my own boss, building and growing my own business or company. Almost three years ago, I took the risk and quitted my high-paying job to follow that dream. And as usual, people around me thought I was crazy or maybe even stupid to give up almost everything I had just to make my “crazy” dream a reality.   I wish I could tell you it that my dream was made reality in an instant. But it didn’t. After I quitted my secured and high-paying job, I was not successful. In fact, I even felt like a failure for a while. Sure I was able to do what I like to do, but the money wasn’t coming in. I wasn’t building and growing a … [Read more...]