The Battle Between Prosperity and Poverty

When you think of prosperity or poverty, often, you think of money.    You think of Prosperity as having monetary wealth, power, prestige and capacity to BUY whatever you want.  On the other hand, you think of Poverty as inability to acquire such.  But there is more to prosperity or poverty that is important as money, and that’s prosperity or poverty of MIND.  You fear poverty because of money, but did you ever fear poverty of the mind?

As I go through life’s journey, I’ve realized that MONEY isn’t the REAL WEALTH in life.  I’ve proved that the real wealth is OUR MINDSET.

MONEY is just a piece of paper, printed by our Central Banks, as I have observed during the days I was working in such bank.  It only gets its value by how you think and make use of it.

Take for an instance when you work hard to acquire money, yet when you receive it, it so easy for you to give it away to business owners, creditors or others.  It’s because you give less value to money, and in return, money is a scarcity in your life.  And without the prosperity of money, you never achieve the prosperity you want to have in life.

I remember a saying that goes:

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” – English Proverb

If you want to start creating prosperity in your life, start with your mind.  Where do you focus your thoughts?  How do you make use of your capacity to think?  Is your thoughts leading you to your desired result and life that you want?

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