Relaxation Techniques to Minimize Stress and Fatigue

Have you been feeling that your life is really tiring and stressful because of too many responsibilities?  Have you notice you are becoming easily irritated and depressed with people or circumstances?  Well, my friend that can be a sign of over fatigue and over work.

Every day, most of us wake up to work.  It’s either we are working in our own business, working for a company or other person, working at home doing house chores or taking care of babies, or working our mind thru studying.

In a given week, average days we are at work is 5 days, and an increasing case happens that we even have to be working 6 to 7 days a week.  That’s why in a year, the only time we get to completely rest and relax is during holidays or availing leaves.

Time is our most important asset

If you want to succeed in life, you should know how to value your time.  How you spend your time will matter because each minute has an effect to the result.  Spending your time towards your desired result is crucial in achieving it.  But the downside of being success-driven and goal-oriented is the huge possibility of becoming incapable of balancing our time.  Imbalance causes negative effects in our life, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  It leads to over fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression and unhappiness.

I am very workaholic person myself.  And at times, I can’t resist not to be one.  But whenever I feel like my schedule and responsibility is filing up, I slow down and remind myself of the lessons I’ve learned about balanced life.


Why you need to relax to be productive?

Our ability to gain success also largely depends in our ability to rest and relax.

Working hard alone is no longer enough to be productive.  You must know how to prioritise those urgent and important. Eliminate activities that are not important, and prioritize working on those that are important.

When you know how to prioritise, you can set time to relax and be unproductive without waiting for your annual leaves or holidays.  Because if you don’t set time to relax and be unproductive, you’ll end up getting sick on many aspect, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.  Once you’re sick, you won’t function well, which will drive you further away from success and fulfilment.

Tips for Low-Cost Relaxation

Just a caution, many people cure their stress and anxieties by adding more problems in their life.  Because when they feel down, they go out and spend a lot of money to indulge or pamper themselves.  What they usually do is they shop, eat in fancy restaurant, hang out in a bar, relax in an expensive spa, travel all over the world, and etc. I am guilty of this myself.

These activities are great way to relax and rejuvenate, if you have billions of income other than your pay check or active income. But if not, it will only give you temporary relief, yet later on, it add to your another type of stress in your life, and that’s financial problems.  High-cost relaxations tend to cover our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical stress then replace it with financial stress.

So if you want to relax and be stress-free without spending too much, here are some tips on the cheapest ways to relax and rejuvenate:

1. Take a Long Bath

Every day when we wake up, we are always in a rush.  Our daily routine becomes a quick breakfast, quick shower and quick grooming.  Even our communications to our children, spouse or other family member becomes a quick thing.

This was my morning routine in the past almost 10 years.  I became too attached to succeeding in my career as a professional accountant that I spent most of my time studying and working, neglecting the other things in my life.

But since the day I’ve valued balanced life, I started to appreciate every simple thing that I do.  And upon doing so, the result was spectacular.

One of the simple and cheap things I’ve discovered on relaxation is bathing.  On this activity, all you need to spend at is a nice scented soap, toothpaste and shampoo.

In a given week, spend at least one day taking a long nice bath.  Enjoy it by being in that moment.  Think only of the smell of the soap and shampoo, and the nice feeling of the clean water in your body.  You can also sing if you want to.  Forget about your work or business and just think about the relaxing feeling of taking a long bath.

2. Watch a Movie

Another cheap way to relax is watching a movie.  Few years ago, I wasn’t a movie person.  I was too busy that I couldn’t spare time to watch a movie.  When I had free time, I was too tired that I’d rather sleep.

I’ve discovered that watching a movie is a great way to relax, especially if you watch feel-good movies.  But whatever genre you feel like, taking a 2-hour break from your normal routine and experience a new way of life through films, it thus add a drop of relaxing vibes in your life.

If you don’t want to spend, you can stay at home and download movies or watch it through streaming websites.  But if you feel like going out to cinemas, it will not be that much expensive either.

The best time I do watch a movie is before I go to sleep at night.  It helps curing the stress and worry of your day.

3. Listen to Music

This is my personal favourite activity.  I love music, and in whatever I do, music is with me.  When I study, work, take a bath, drive around, travel to places or even when I’m sleeping at night; I’m always listening to music.  And I’m betting, a lot of people can relate to that.

Listening to music is indeed one cheap way to relax.  When you are lying in your bed at night, quite often, a lot of thoughts and worry usually pops into your head.

And to help you cure those worrying sessions that becomes your habit, you may try listening to relaxing and positive songs.   You may check this article that enlist positive songs you can listen to:

I’m suggesting that you listen to happy and positive music because it brings vigor in your life.  Positive songs brighten and lighten feeling compared to sad and hard songs.

4. Read a Book or a Magazine

Just like watching a movie, reading makes you get away from the stress of your own life.  If you are not interested in reading, you may start creating a habit by reading magazines or blog articles online such as this.

The best time to read a book, magazine or blog articles is during your breaks, idle time or before you sleep at night.  You don’t need to read the entire book, magazine or blog site in one seat.  You can try reading one chapter per day or set at least 30minutes of your time to just sit and read.

Reading lets you experience a different world, and as such, it gives you a feeling of relaxation and a chance to be open into different things in life.  Books are one of the cheapest ways to rejuvenate and relax because books are one of the cheapest commodities, yet, it’s the mostly ignored.

5. Solve or Make Something

Another low-cost way to relax is to build something.  It doesn’t need something huge or marvelous.  It can be as simple as writing a poem, composing a song, drawing, painting, beading or solving a puzzle.

This activity has two benefits.  One is that it can help in developing your mind.  Because studies have proved that continuous solving and creating things expands one’s intellectual capacity.

Second reason is that it can relax and renew you.  Because when you try to solve or create a new thing, it makes you get out of your reality.  It removes the chance of spending your time to worries or getting stressed. At the same time, it gives you new confidence when you are able to make or solve things.

6. Do Yoga

Meditation is one of the best cost-free ways to relax because it can help relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. One type of meditation technique that I personally love is yoga.  Although I’m not an expert, I just do the basic for personal rejuvenation, but when I’ve tried doing it, I’ve found it relaxing and refreshing my entire being.

To help you get started relaxing with yoga, begin by buying a yoga mattress (or any comfortable mattress), which isn’t that expensive.  And then you can go online and search for yoga videos that you can follow.  It’s best if you can do it one (1) hour per week.

If you are already a fitness/gym club member, you can inquire if they have group yoga sessions that you can join to, because usually, fitness club has yoga classes.

7. Write in a Journal

Another cost-free way to relax and be renewed that often neglected is journal writing.  I’ve written an article that states the benefits of writing down in journal in an article entitled, 5 Benefits of Keeping a Journal. You may copy-paste this URL to read it:

Journal writing is rejuvenating because it helps you take out your worries and stress out from your head.  It has proven that writing your worries and fears out in a journal, you are able to unload the burden from yourself.  It is also one of the meditation techniques effective in rejuvenation and relaxation.

If you want to start writing journal, it can be as easy as opening a document file in your computer and start writing.  Or if you want to make it more permanent, look for an old empty notebook that you can write into.  If you have a budget, you can buy a notebook in stores the next time you pass by the mall.

8. Doll Up Yourself

I’m a very simple person and I’m not the girly-type.  Usually, when I go out, I just wear light make-up, and sometimes, I go out with bare face.  And my usual wardrobe is a nice shirt or polo shirt and jeans or shorts.

Especially in the past, I didn’t have time for myself that I even had so many pimples in my face and chest.  Luckily, my face was remedied, but my chest part did not.  It became a permanent scar that turned into keloid.  So up to this moment, I’m still experiencing the bad effects of my negligence to take care of myself.

When I started to create changes in my workaholic attitude, I’ve realized the importance of dolling up and caring for your physical self. Because it don’t not only give you confidence but it also brings out your positive aura. When you look good, you feel good.  And the opposite is true if you look bad.  Furthermore, when you feel good, it gives you a sense of relaxation and refreshment.  It takes away your stress and anxieties.


9. Clean Your Mess and Get Organized

Personally, I’m very organized person.  I get a bit distracted and uneasy when a place or people are disorganized.  My sister and I usually fight when she gets my stuff without permission.  ‘Cause I really don’t like it when people mess up with my things. But I’m trying to improve my behavior of being too organized.

However, for most people, getting organized is their problem.  And their inability to get organized often leads to too much clutter in their room, house, office or even their life.

So if you’ve been feeling irritated and unrested when you get at home from a long day work, probably, you need to set a time to declutter your place.  Start by cleaning and organizing your things.  You can see magic once you do so.  Because it gives you more space to relax as well as the feeling of cleanliness is refreshing.

While you do the cleaning, you listen to music and sing, if you want to.  Music and singing, as I’ve mentioned earlier, helps in giving positive vibes with the task ahead of you.

10. Walk Around Your Neighbourhood

This is another cost-free way to relax, yet, neglected by most of us.  People get too busy that they don’t have time even for walking, especially in the city.

But a few minute walk would not only improve your aura but also your health.    If you have bicycle, you can also bike around your community.  If in case you are living in high-rise building, you can go to the nearest park to take a few minute walk, at least once a week.  If you still don’t have that much time, you can walk on your way to work, if it’s few blocks away.  You just need to adjust your time so you can wake up early and won’t be late for work.


11. Exercise

Exercising is another neglected but very effective way to relax and rejuvenate.  I, too, have a hard time maintaining this lifestyle, because of all the things I needed to do.

But at one point, I’ve decided to concentrate in my health that I did felt the great effect of an exercise in humans.  I’ve noticed that I was gaining weight (which is actually what I wanted because I’m too skinny),  my body becomes more toned, my aura becomes lighter and bubblier, and my skin was really great.  It was the best physical and inner beauty I’ve become.  Although time is my problem, most of the often I have to reschedule my exercise due to professional obligation.  But I make it sure that I will do exercising as much as possible.

So if you want to start exercising, you can do it at home without a cost.  If you don’t have any idea how to start, you can search the internet for some tips.  But if you have some extra-budget, you can enroll to the gym and get some professional help, like I did.  The benefit is you can gain first-hand knowledge and experience which can help you do it yourself later on, without causing damage to your body.

12. Sleeping

A very important and cheapest way to relax and rejuvenate is SLEEP.  I couldn’t help but to emphasize and bolder this word.  Because a lot of work-driven people set aside this very important activity that’s why they experience a lot of bad effects, such as, over fatigue, stress and negative attitude.

For the average adult, you only need to sleep for 6 hours a day.  Try to be human and sleep this much.  Because it will not only give you much positive aura, but will also help you live longer.

13. Seek Help from an Expert

For a final advice, if all these can’t still help you relax and rejuvenate.  You may need to get help from an expert.

I hope this article have been helpful for you.  To give you final words, remember this:

Your ability to generate power is directly proportional to your ability to relax. ~ David Allen


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