Reminder of Death

A Sweet Reminder of DeathThe world revolve 24-hours in a day, 7 days a week.  And since I’m still young, I can survive 24-hours or more sleepless, and I did that for a few times already.


In the past, my worse-unhealthy-habit was not sleeping 24-hours to 32 hours straight.  Workaholic as I was, in the past I was too focused with my career and other stuffs that health was my least priority.


Remember that,


“Health is Wealth!”


Many people say that to me.  I’ve used to listen but forget it after 5-minutes.  I’ve even used to feel that my day is too short on all the stuff I needed to do, that 24-hours isn’t enough already.  And worse of all, even if I was already lying down on my bed, I couldn’t sleep because of those “stuff”.   Career-freak as I’ve used to be, sleeping became a hard-work for me.   No wonder pimples freaked out of my face and people see me as “28-year-old lady” when, in fact, I was just in my early 20’s. 


However, a day came when I’ve encountered the word “balance”. It was during those times I was sent to attend “Personality Development” in the previous company I’ve worked at and during the soul-searching-recollection I’ve done in a Church.  I’ve attended both because I was lost in the clutter and stress of my own life.  And those two (2) seminars created a huge change in my personality and life.  Those events made me realized an important lesson on balance, I’ve learned and realized that 24-hours are long enough for everything without compromising a lot of other things in your life.


As they say,

Life begins and ends with just two events, birth and death.

Most of us celebrate birthdays to celebrate one’s gift of life.  However, seldom do people celebrate death because death became a sad moment in our life.


Death is the most dreadful topic for us.  And in the past, I’m one of those who hate talking about death.  I can’t even listen to a single ghost story, plus I can’t even dare to look at the coffin on the wake.  I’ve always had this little fear of the unknown, like I wake up and realize that I’ve just been alive with almost half a century, but I will be sleeping or dead or in the unknown to the rest of the years.  That thought used to bring fear in me, but now, it’s a different story.


Now, death is a reminder for me that life’s just temporary.  That whatever you accomplish, whatever you have and whatever you do is just temporary.


Nevertheless, you shouldn’t live in fear or be a bummer, instead try to make the best out of it.  Fulfill those dreams, do what you want, be crazy and live fully each day not forgetting to try to balance everything in your life: relationship, health, career and spiritual.  For you’ll never know until when you’d be able to do it.


As you leave this article, reflect about your life. About how you spend your limited time on earth.  And you always have time to start over and re-live a balanced life.



  1. That’s a good way to look at things. Use death as a motivator. You’ll get more done in life.

    Also, I find it strange that people today can’t talk about death very well. It was all over the place all throughout history and openly addressed. In Rome when they threw a parade for a returning general, a slave would periodically whisper into the general’s ear “Memento Mori” or “remember that you will die”

  2. really appreciated what you have written actually. it really is not that easy to find great stuff to read (you know.. READ! and not just going through it like some uniterested and flesh eating zombie before going to yet another post to just ignore), so cheers mate for really not wasting any of my time! 😉

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  4. thanks for the comment justin!

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