The Rhythm of Life

Today, we live in a too busy and competitive world. Each day we rush from one place to another doing multiple tasks and activities.  Thanks to technological advancement, it is much easier to do things more efficiently and with flexibility.  But the downside of this advancement is that we let it create a more stressful and busy lifestyle instead of using it to make things much easier.

Because of this hurried and getting-ahead lifestyle, most of us live each day working much harder.  We seldom find time to relax and enjoy the so much things life has to offer.  Oftentimes, we live our life to survive instead of making the most of it, by living to the fullest.  And then we wake up one day, regretting things we have and have not done.  Or we’re already too old to enjoy life.  Only in that moment we will realize how much good things we’ve missed along the way.

With too many things to do, most of the time, we find ourselves taken by the speed of a bullet train.  Our usual routine becomes a fast trail of getting up early morning, have a “quick” bath and breakfast, ride our way to work, meet all but everything about our work, stay up late working hard, then ride the last trip on our way home, and sleep our way without checking up our children and wife or even consider praying and reflecting.

Oftentimes we forget that Life is temporary and it’s a one way journey. Every second we do not live our life to the fullest, is a second that is wasted.

If today is the last day you’ll live, assuming you’re near the end of the tunnel of your life, will you be able to say you’ve lived it fully?  Are you ready to give up your life knowing you’ve lived it well and you’re not regretting anything?

I urge you to take a break on your busy schedule and give time to reflect about your life.  And as you choose to reflect and meditate, I would like to share with you simple truths of life.

Life is best lived with a rhythm.

The reason most of us are trapped by the hurried and competitive lifestyle is because we want to get ahead and stay on the playing field as winners.  We are always trying to compete with others, may it be power, prestige, wealth or social acceptance.  As we continue competing with others, we don’t realize that we are most often competing with our true self as well.  We neglect to contemplate our true values and desires.  And as such, it leads us to be unhappy and not contented with our life.  We seldom reflect on what can truly make us happy and fulfilled with our life.

To illustrate better, I’d share with you Three (3) Rhythms of Life.

In my illustration, I’d like to emphasize that Life is a lot like music, it has rhythm.  The beauty of music is the same as life.  And here’s why:

1) Straight Upward Rhythm

Imagine if a musical rhythm is constantly going upward.  From the time it starts until it reached the end, it went only upward.  Does it sound nice? More so, how far can it be reachable?

The same is true with life.  There are a lot of people who are living and constantly aiming for a straight upward life, with no mistakes, no risk and perfectly acceptable in society.  Oftentimes, those who pursue this kind of life experience are vulnerable to depressions and anxieties especially when things are not going the way they want it.  And the more they try to live a perfect life, the unhappy and boring their life gets.

2) Straight Downward Rhythm

On the reverse side, imagine if a musical rhythm is constantly going downward, from start until the end.  Does it also sound nice and how far can it be reachable?

Similar with life, a lot of people are living and drowning to constant straight downward life.  These types of people are often those who lose hope in their life and are just simply living and accepting what life throws them without doing anything.  They let life happens for them instead of taking control of their life.  Often, these types of people are those who defend on others to sustain their needs, wants or even their life itself.  Similarly, these people end up with low self-esteem, unhappiness and lack of progress in their life.

3) Upward and Downward Rhythm

Similar to life, a great music comes from a rhythm with ups and downs that brings out a beautiful melody.

In life, most successful and happy people are those who does not do things perfectly and who have experienced multiple failures.  These kinds of people are often the ones who are able to live their life to the fullest.  They enjoy both the success and failures of their life.  Oftentimes, they are happy and contented with their life in whatever circumstance, be it through failure or success.

What about you, what kind of life are you leading?  Remember,

Life is a journey of ups and downs.  And like music, its beauty is found with melody.


  1. Lou,

    Fantastic points. The variations in rhythm in life are extremely interesting to me, I never considered rhythm of life in such ways!

    But you are so correct! People spend too much time racing to end-goals that we forget, no body wants to reach the end-goal of life (death) in such a hurry! Life is about the journey, making the most of it, spreading goodness to as many people as we can, and finding fulfillment/happiness.

    Love and peace,

  2. Thanks Dave. I’ve never realized it until as personal mentor told me such relation of music to our life. I’ve used to be driven by that “race” until the day i’ve realized that life is a journey to live it fully each day. And since then, amazing things happened. Like I was regenerated 😀

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