4 Roadblocks to Productivity and Success

Every one of us has the capacity to come up with great ideas with huge possibilities of success. But only few are able to implement and actually do it. And those few are the ones who often achieve success.

How often do you find yourself coming up with a really great idea that you get excited about it, you plan thoroughly and then fail to implement it or you stop in the middle of the action?

I’m often guilty of this truth. If only someone can become rich by simply having an idea and great plan, I will have been one of the richest because of the ideas and plans I was able to create yet fail to implement. As such, there were days I get stressed and frustrated because of too much ideas and plans with no result.

But as they say, when you are able to see and admit your own weaknesses, it begins your journey to change and improvement. And it was true, because when I recognized I lacked productivity and success because of my certain attitudes and behaviors which becomes roadblocks, that’s when I started to become productive.

If you happen to be someone like I was, where you tend to be full of great ideas with no result. It’s time you reflect and see what the roadblocks to your productivity and success are. In this article, you’ll get to learn the possible roadblocks to your success.

Oftentimes, the roadblocks to productivity and success are these:

1. Negative thinking – such as fear, doubt and hurry. You don’t believe in the success of your idea that’s why you fail even before you start. Or you worry too much of the negative results of your idea instead of looking at the positives. Or you hurry to get the result that you fail to act.

2. Over-analysis paralysis – this is what happens when you plan too much or you get trapped with obsessive compulsive behavior or perfectionism. If you wait for things to be perfect then you’ll never act.

3. Lack of focus – the consequence of having too many ideas is getting overwhelmed with which to implement. So focus is really crucial to productivity and success.

4. Procrastination – because you’ve already consumed a lot of energy with negative thinking, over analyzing and lack of focus, the tendency is you get tired and leave your idea for tomorrow’s action.

By simply eliminating one or two of these roadblocks to productivity and success, I’m sure you’ll see tremendous change.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. – Paul Mayer

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