What is Self-innovation and Why It Matters?

I’m browsing through the web reading about the latest trends and innovations, and I stumbled upon the definition of innovation in Wikipedia and it says this way.

Innovation is a new way of doing something or “new stuff that is made useful”. It may refer to incremental and emergent or radical and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations.

I just can’t get my eyes off those phrases, and I feel like I’m looking for something more. Is it just in products, process and organizations that innovation can be applied to? Many of us are doing research, brainstorms and talks about innovation in corporate level, I rarely hear someone talking about inner innovation or self innovations. Innovation involves change and change don’t have the ability to choose who to affect. It is not just companies that must innovate; individuals must also innovate and here are the reasons I have in mind.

Avoid Extinction

I’m in the innovation industry for years, and I witnessed a lot of things. In every innovation that comes out in the market will have a duplicate in just few months or so and the duplicate may even surpass the original. Many small start-up will struggle to innovate the existing product and release it to the market as quickly as they can while the big guys are busy not in another innovation but to become more respectable.

If the company that made the innovation didn’t innovate after that product, most probably it will become extinct.

The same things in individuals, especially if we are employed. Most people I know stops growing themselves after they found comfort in their jobs.

Now we may be special, we can do things that others don’t but time will come that new bloods will born and learn to do things better than we do. Of course as an employer, they want better souls to do the job.

With the technology, it is now easier to locate new replacements, online resumes are everywhere, job sites and don’t forget about social networks, the percentage of hiring made in linked in, Facebook and twitter now are growing.

If we didn’t innovate ourselves, we may lose our job and become extinct.

Being Still is Boring and Being Boring is Risky

In the book purple cow by Seth Godin, brown cows are just ordinary and can be easily forgotten while purple cows stick and the idea about it surely spread. This depicts companies and individuals that doing the same things over and over and this prohibits growth.

One of the most important factors in our resumes is the work experience section, about our accomplishments and about what we do. You may not agree to this, but I may say that our credentials are not in the resume, our resume is not in their written in the papers or displayed in a web page, what we do is our resume. Many potential employers online, especially when you are in the IT industry only wants to see your past projects and accomplishments and don’t even ask for a soft copy or hard copy formal resumes.

If we do cool, great or remarkable things, we don’t even need to look for job or new project or new client, they will definitely look for you. They will easily learn about how remarkable you are through words of mouth or the becoming faster word of mouse.

Meeting new friends, meeting new colleagues and learning a lot of things. You don’t need to quit your job to grow or to do greater things, you can do great things in your field, with your co-workers or clients. Dont limit yourself on doing new things and doing only what your boss told you to do so. Start doing new and remarkable things to your friends, colleagues or customers and their friends will definitely learn about it.

Even simple changes can attract rapid growth.

The Growth of the Big Will Come from the Growth of its Smaller Entities

Like in many leadership and management teachings, we should first grow ourselves and our organizations growth will follow. The growth of the smaller entities normally triggers the growth of the organization as a whole, there are many other factors of course but I believe it is a big factor.

I believe the universe normally works this way, and it originates that way as from Stephen Hawking who explained the origins of everything who came from the smallest things, the atoms and forms the universe it is currently the most acceptable theory about that subject. We can find many other example in the universe but I know you get the picture.

The growth of the big, comes from the growth of its smaller entities, not in physical growth but mostly in ways of thinking, growth of the network, improvement in processes, skills and many other things that may contribute to it specifically.

We are now in the information age but the law of the jungle (survival of the fittest) still applies not just in physical aspects but in other forms as well. Someone can replace us at anytime especially in this era of globalization which may give us no choice but to grow or become extinct.


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    I am giving a presentation for Innovation as an Individual, and this has given me a ton of insight. Thank you!

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