How to Focus in Life? – Part 2: Set Your Place

This is the second continuation of How to Focus in Life? – An Introduction

Previous post tackled the first step on how to focus in life, that is to set your mind.

The second important step in finding your focus is to


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Have you ever found yourself being really productive in one place while finding a hard time doing so in other places?

Our current world teaches us to do a lot of things anywhere and any circumstance that we have to be flexible enough to accept any place and situation.  So what we do is we stretch ourselves to accept everything, then, we get stressed due to lack of time to get things done as fast as we want to.  In such scenario creates a file up of voluminous pending workloads that clutters our workplace.

At times, the problem is not about our motivation and how we see the work that causes our lack of focus and concentration, it’s about the place where we do it.

Where is your place?

We all have a certain place, a certain condition, wherein we find real focus and concentration.

Be that small desk in your workplace or the huge room of the President, the secluded room of the inventor, the dark room of the photographer, the recording studio of the singer, the stage of the actress, the operating room of the doctor or the library of a student.   It may even be the coffee shop you love to hang out or simply your home library and your room desks.  These are a few samples of a place where focus can be found, depending on the person.

The key is for you to find where your place is.

1) Choose a Place

This is similar to choosing our home or car.

When we choose, we determine what we need and how this need can be met.  Then we settle that best suits it.

If you’re looking for a greater focus to your work, start by choosing a place.

It can mean suggesting re-arranging your office, setting up a desk in your room and finding the appropriate public place, like the library or a coffee shop.

2) Create An Ambiance Conducive To Focus Thinking

Once you found the place, make an extra effort to fix the condition for a better ambiance to help you get focus.

Studies have shown that the place is a great contributing factor of the result of what man works for.

An obvious sample is we can learn more studying in the library than we do in a bar or crowded restaurant.

To set up an ambiance, consider these:

  • the furniture;
  • the light;
  • the sound; and
  • the temperature.

The furniture includes things like table, chairs, computer or whatever things you need to do your work well.  The more personalized to your needs, the better.

The light simply pertains to its darkness or brightness.  It has a great effects on our eye sight.  Without proper light can cause headaches or irritated eyes.  And it will be harder to focus and get things done.

The sound may be the music or noise in your place.  Try to eliminate the noise as much as you can and create music that can help you work well.  However, this depends on your need cause sometimes a noise is better for you to work well.  So whatever type your needs are, just satisfy them.

The temperature affects our working conditions as well.  Too hot or too cold can disturb our focus.  Like who can concentrate on a freezing finger or a burning shirt?  Also, too cold or too hot can cause headaches or sleepy conditions.

Don’t forget to set up these factors according to your needs that will help you maximize your focus and concentration.

3) Put DO NOT DISTURB Signage

Have you ever found yourself in full concentration with working on something then somebody send you an instant message or the phone rang, then you lost your focus on what your doing?

And did you ever find yourself chatting while studying?  Did the idea of what you’re reading sink in to you?

It has been an obvious cause for most failures is lack of concentration and being too preoccupied.

When you found your place to work in, let people know that they CANNOT DISTURB you.  Explain that when you are in that place, you are working on something.  You may need to lock yourself or put do not disturb sign.

This is not to seclude you or create a broken relationship with others, but to give you a moment, a bit of time to go on with what you’re doing and get it done.

The last step on “How to focus in life?” is to Set your time.

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