How to Focus in Life? – Part 3: Set Your Time

This is a continuation of How to Focus in Life? – An Introduction

For a quick recap, here’s the 3 steps:

  1. Set your mind
  2. Set your place

And now, the third and final step is to


wrap time

Have you ever found yourself with too many to do lists and activities that’s wrapped with your time?

Things such as:

  • weekend trips
  • health
  • family
  • friends
  • house chores
  • shopping
  • work deadlines
  • all other things that’s wrapping up your time

These things occupy too much of your time clock that restricts you to even have time for yourself, to relax and just do things for your own personal development.

fast trainWith too many things to do, most of the time, we find ourselves taken by the speed of a bullet train.

Our usual routine becomes a fast trail of getting up early morning, have a “quick” bath and breakfast, ride our way to work, meet all but everything about our work, stay up late working hard, then ride the last trip on our way home, and sleep our way without checking up our children and wife or even consider praying.

Then you wonder why you have a miserable and unhappy life?

Time is one of the most important asset in your life.  As they say;

“Time is gold”

We, humans, sometimes gets blinded by all the power, prestige and material gifts of this world that we get too involved with it.  And once we do, we tend to forget all the other significant things, such as relationship and our own personal development.

Being focus isn’t really about doing only a particular thing in your life.  Being focus means being able to balance all the things you need to do in all aspects of your life, that’s emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual.

It’s being able to set your mind, place and time to give the right attention and focus at each activity. Thus, it concludes that being focus is similar to being ORGANIZED.

Being organized means:

  • less time spent firefighting and responding to crises
  • more time for family, friends and leisure
  • reduced stress and fatigue
  • greater sense of achievement

How to Set your Time to Organize your Life?

1)  Identify your activities or things you have to accomplish

As mentioned above, these things include time for travels, family, friends, work, etc.

Identify your own personal activities.  It will set a  signal for you to recognize if you’re lacking or overflowing with things to do.

2)  Place a time line (date) for each activity

Having an organizer or a calendar is not a must but is advisable to help you effectively manage your time and activities.

It may mean listing down activities on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  However, studies have shown that the best way to organize your time is knowing your activities in a weekly basis.

Because it helps you say no on things that will block your activities already set plus it has enough time to adjust as necessary.

3) Group your activities

This means categorizing your activities.

By doing so can help you see which aspect of your life is fulfilled when you do a particular activity.

Remember, that our goal is not to only focus in one aspect but be able to balance it all.

My sample categories revolves in the four aspect of life:

Mentalwhich means things like reading, taking up further studies or just plainly learning new things.

Physical – activities like exercising, sleeping, taking yoga classes or a doctor’s appointment.

Emotional – may include time i spend with my family, friends and significant ones.  Or even attending parties to know new and more people.

Spiritual – includes that time of my meditation and attending to church activities.

Identify yours and aim to satisfy each categories in a given week.

4) Place priority

After identifying your activities and grouping them into categories, the next step is for you to place priority.

One reason for fatigue and stress is by trying to do things all at the same time.

And to satisfy all, we do not have to do them all at once.  By placing priority can give us hierarchy with the use of our time.

For a final word, being focus doesn’t really mean doing one thing alone, it means being able to do all the important things in our life without losing balance that leads to getting stressed out, fatigue, unhappy relationships and life.

Our aim for balance do not mean perfect equality. We are living in an imperfect world, so perfection is quite impossible.

Our goal of balance meant to be able to give time to satisfy all the aspect/categories of our life, not just one or two.  Why? So as to enable us to live our life to the fullest.

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