10 Signs of Certified Workaholic

WorkaholicIn our current career-driven world, most people are complied to be driven by the syndrome of “workaholism”.

What is workaholic?

The definition can be both positive and negative depending on the person’s perspective.

On the positive note, being workaholic is someone who is on top of the work or duty he/she is assigned to.  It’s a winners attitude to be on top of things and with a can do mentality that anything is possible as long as I want to.  People with this perspective usually end to have the corner room of the office and be the boss because of their uncontested passion and drive for work.

On the not-so-positive note, however, workaholics are people who are working way beyond the normal working hours.  They seem to lack time in all other aspects of life except for work.  For these people, they lose their most valuable asset called “time”.

You too may agree that being a workaholic is both beneficial and not.  And to benefit from it, you should know how to be work-driven enough to progress in your career without sacrificing other important things in your life.

To help you check if you’ve already overdone it to yourself and taking this workaholic syndrome in a harsh negative reality,

here are some check points you have to watch out:

1) You treat your office desk or cubicle like home.

There is the picture frame of your family plus water jars, plates, pillows and slippers in place on top and around your work area.

Everything is there.  You want to be motivated?  Look at the picture frame.  You also use your desk to eat, drink and sleep as comfortable as you may be.  You get too comfortable like your just home.

2)  You treat your house like your office.

Ironic as it may sound, but it’s indeed true.  Some, if not most of us, are compelled to work at home.  When I say compelled, it’s both a choice and need to.

Instead of spending time to rest and relax with family or go out with significant ones, they spend their time working.

3)  You see your secretary, guards and all other company employees as best friends and family.

Because they lack time to go home and spend their entire time at work, they become acquainted with all the people at work, like their secretaries, utility men including guards.

And as such, you are too aware of the office gossips courtesy of these people.  As they say, the walls talk.

4)  You see your real family, friends and significant ones as enemies that are ruining your life.

At this point, your family and significant ones have been telling you that you were changing.  And such change isn’t appealing to them.  They start to complain that you do not have time and their starting to lose you.

But instead of considering them, you start to see them as barriers to your success.  That they just don’t understand and you end up treating them as enemies.

5)  Having a “me, myself and I” world.

One of the harsh reality that happens when you’re too workaholic is the syndrome of having a lonely world.  You start to shed away all the other people in your life.

It’s having that “me” world that makes you prioritize (unconsciously and consciously) of what you only want instead of what more people want.  Believing that everything can work under your nose plus expecting people to work and live your way.

6)  You eat and spend what you earn.

Spending too much time at work increases your spending.  Because you eat and spend more than five times a day, that’s breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, mid-night lunch and snack before going home.

Not only your eating habit affects your wallet but does your transportation too.  Being in a hurry creates a habit.  You spend a lot of money on cabs or taxis.  You ride them before and after work to save time.

7)  You get bigger or smaller

The fruit of your bad habits caused by being overwork is getting bigger or smaller.

When I say bigger, you get what most people dislike admitting, that’s fatter.  Because you eat more than 5 times a day, then you take a cab to and from the office.  That’s no wonder because you lack exercise and proper eating habits.

For some people like I am, I get smaller (okay, thinner) when I’m overworked.  That’s thanks to lack of sleep that increases the burning of foods in my digestive system even how much I eat during the day.

8)  Looking older than your real age.

Being workaholic give us a lot of responsibilities.  And having a lot of responsibilities results to stress.  Stress is good to keep us going and motivated, however, too many results to a lot of ugly things, including you.

What are the ugly truths?  Darker eye bags, pimples, ugly skin, bigger pores and dry hair.  These are only samples of the ugly truths of the stress brought by being overworked.

These ugly truths lead you to look five (5) years older than you really are.

9)  You always frown and seldom smile.

A lot of work driven people I know seldom smile.   I’ve used to wonder why until I became one.

It is because we get too serious with our self, our work and our life.

A great phrase I always remind myself so I can smile, “Take responsibility seriously, but do not take yourself too seriously”.

Most career-driven people take themselves too seriously.  It’s maybe because their expecting a lot of themselves that they try hard to stay focus.

These, at times, lead them to forget all the other small nice things in life that they can appreciate and be happy about.

10)  Lack of time to pray, meditate and reflect.

Last but not the least sad truth about career-driven people is that they lack prayer and reflection.

They do not have time to quiet themselves and reflect on their life.

This in itself creates a big gap from their reality to the reality of the world they revolve in.

We all know that working is one of the ways for us to survive the harsh reality of life.  But remember that work is not supposed to be our life. There are all other marvelous things in this world than the prestige, money and power that the career world is giving us.

Remember the saying “The more is given, the more is expected in return”

This is not to scare you of accepting more challenges and career progression in your career but to give a heads up of what it takes to be on the top of that ladder.  Before you jump into the excitement of the opportunity and prestige, ask and reflect if you’re prepared and ready to take that step.  Plus, if that’s what really can make you truly happy and say that you are indeed living a life that you want.

We have just one life and we do not know until when we have it.  Do not focus your whole life in making a living but start to live a life.

“I don’t want to survive… I want to live.” – Space Captain (Wall E)

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