7 Steps in Developing Skill

A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills and uses these skills to accomplish his goals. – Larry Bird

Each of us has skill and talent which gives us an opportunity to achieve a successful career.  However, not everyone recognizes and make use of their given skill.  Most reasons pertain to lack of belief in one’s skill, laziness, procrastination and idealism, that’s waiting for things to be perfect before taking action.

There’s a saying that states,

Winners are not born, they are made!

In my personal journey in learning how to achieve success, I’ve made a study on the attitudes of successful people which separate them from average or common people.  To learn more about these attitudes, click here.

One important attitude of successful people is their openness and eagerness to learn.   It has become their passion to be curious and thirsty to learn new things.   They understand that change is constant, and if they cannot adapt well to change, they will perish and fail.

The opposite is true of average people, who commonly like to settle on what they already know and are unwilling to change or learn.  Average people like to live in a box, doing the same things over again.  Then they complain and are unhappy with their lack of progress.

If You Want to Succeed, Constantly Develop Your Skills

Nobody succeeds without developing their skills.

In the past couple of years that I’m learning and developing my skills, in order to achieve success, I’ve discovered a funny yet sad truth.  During the business, leadership and personality development trainings that I’ve attended (and I’ve conducted), I have observed that most attendees are those who are already on their way to success, if not already successful, whether they’re in the field of business or employment.

It made me wonder why those who already have the skills and success are still eager to learn more while those who badly need development choose to do nothing.  The answer became obvious to me and it made me understand why there are people who succeed while others never get out of mediocrity.

And the answer shows in one’s capacity to continuously learn and develop their skills.

7 Steps in Developing Skill

Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life as a continuous learning experience. – Denis Waitley

Warren Buffet, one of the world’s top billionaire, is a great example of continuous learner.  Despite his good background, he never settled to what he just knows.  He strives to keep on learning more.  To find out his success story, CLICK HERE.

For my personal share, I’ve used to be really introverted and shy.  I couldn’t dare to speak in front of a crowd because I’d be shaking like crazy and my voice trembles when I speak.   I’ve always feared public speaking.

However, because I didn’t want to settle to mediocrity and I wanted to succeed, I chose to develop the skill of public speaking.  For I know, in order to succeed, I have to be extroverted.  I need to have confidence with myself and I should be able to speak to anyone, even in front of a crowd.

So what I did to develop the skill of public speaking, when I was still employed, I’ve strived to be proactive in my job and volunteered to be part of the in-house trainer to new hires of our department.   And I’ve been part of the leadership team who conduct updates and reports to top management.   That experience and exposure gave me confidence to speak to anyone, including big bosses.

After employment, when I was managing my own business, I kept exposing myself to people and speaking in front of a crowd that I’ve took a freelance public speaking opportunity.  I’ve discussed topics on accountancy, business and taxation.  Occasionally, I also conduct my own personality development seminars.  And to further improve my skill, I even invested time and money to join a formal public speaking and presentation class with Dale Carnegie Philippines.

Now, who would have thought I was very introverted and can’t speak in public a couple of years ago?

Photo taken during the HIP Training I've attended with Dale Carnegie Philippines. I'm the one sitting in front, second to the right. 🙂

Photo taken during the Bookkeeping Seminar I've conducted with BusinessCoach, Inc. Philippines. I'm the one in front, speaking 🙂

You too can start learning and developing your skills.  You too can be successful in anything you chose to do, only if you are willing to develop yourself and your skills.

And to help you get started, here are the things you need to remember:

1.  Openness to Change

Remember, you cannot change your circumstance if you are unwilling to change.  Loose your grip, stop being afraid and be willing to change.

2.  Develop Curiosity

One cause of unhappiness and dissatisfaction is lack of curiosity.  Without curiosity, it will lead to lose of interest and eventually boredom.  On the other hand, curiosity fires enthusiasm and can open gates of endless opportunity.

3.  Continuously Learn

As I’ve already mentioned, what separates successful people from the rest of average people is their eagerness to learn.  Never think of yourself as too great that you stop learning.

4.  Define a Vision or Goal

If you don’t know what you want, it will be hard for you to identify which skills you need to develop.  So don’t forget to define what you really want to accomplish in life.  When you already know the “what”, discovering “how” will become much easier.

5.  Focus

In anything you do, focus is very important.  Without it, you’re like aimlessly shooting and then you’ll keep on missing the goal.  So once you’ve decided to develop yourself and follow your path to success, always keep your focus.  Once you lose it, it will drive you farther away from your goals.

6.  Be Patient

Remember, success is not solely mere luck and hard work, it also takes time.  The same is true in developing skill; it will need time and good habits.  So don’t rush and be frustrated if you don’t develop a skill in an hour, days or weeks.   If you continue learning and practicing, in time, it won’t be too hard to do it because it will form part of whom you are.

7.  Be Persistent

Last, but not the least, be persistent.  You’d be face with a lot of struggles and setback in your quest which may lead you to quit.  And those who don’t quit, wins!

The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as long as we live. – Mortimer Adler

I hope this blog article have motivated and inspired you to get out of being average.  Start your journey towards success.  Be an inspiration and motivation to others; share this article to your friends, colleagues and family, using the share buttons below.

Happy Journey to Your Life and Success!!!


  1. Hi.. wow! I must say i found my mentor now.. lol! very proud.. i knew you were pinoy, this article really rocks, im planning to do stuff like this.. i scan/read some of ur articles.. and it makes me feel motivated and i feelike i can start anytime.. i relly feel energytic and enthusiastic when i visit phils it would really be gret to have a one on one chat with you.. cant wait.. thankyou for shring your knowledge.. wish you all success 🙂

  2. Hi Marck, thank you for feedback. I’m glad to know that our article has motivated and inspired you. Keep up the positive spirit! 🙂 Yes, I’m from the Philippines. Once in awhile I do events to gather supporters of Lifetofullest.com, I sure hope one day you can attend! Wishing you success in your endeavor as well! 🙂

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