Stress at Work – Problems After Employment

Newspaper world-wide have been buzzing about the bad economy and employment problems that most countries are facing.  The financial crisis that hit the most powerful country in the world, United States of America, is blamed by the increased in the unemployment rate and long list of past-due debts.  But unnoticed by these media men is the increasing rate of employment illness mostly known as fatigue or stress.


Stress at work is doubling overtime. There’s an increasing rate of people who are spending more and more time at work, and less and less time to their personal life.


Thanks to the information technology, things are faster and easier to do now.  But instead of easier life for many, aren’t we feeling more stressed as the technology becomes more efficient?

stress at work - work stress statistics

In Live life to fullest, we aim to promote awareness on this unnoticed increasing sickness called stress.


The illustrations above are the data we gathered that we aim to alarm not only the employers but also the employee themselves.


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