Take Care of the People that Matters in Your Life

It’s my sons seven month birthday today. We’re planning to celebrate it with his regular menu, or template as his dad teases me, Chinese noodle and chocolate cake. He has grown big the past couple of months, and as a mom, I really feel blessed and happy seeing his growth and development. I realized having a baby makes you value the gift of life even more.

When I was single, I only care about my dreams, wants and needs. There were times I cared for my family’s financial needs too. My time was spent in building a good career and succeeding in life. I didn’t care much about other things except that.
But now that I have a baby, it changed my perspective in life. My career and success oriented mindset has changed. I am no longer too concern in succeeding and having a good career. My top priority is making sure my sons is taken care of.
My sons birth made me learned the value of life. That it is not solely about succeeding and having a good career. It is not about owning a lot of material things or acquiring power/prestige. Life is about the memories you build while you live. It’s the simple happiness when your child smiles at you when he sees you. It’s when he wait for you to arrive home before he sleeps.

I know people who have everything except people who truly cares about them. And I see them as lonely and sad despite their wealth.

The valuable treasure in life is life itself. Its not the house, the car or other fancy stuff. Its not even prestige or power. These are only additional spice of life. And how you take care of that life, the people that matters, is what makes life more meaningful.
Remember that life is temporary. The money you make, material things you acquire or power you possess wouldn’t matter as much as how you were able to build good memories with important people in your life.
Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.  ~ Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von

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