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Focus on being productive instead of busy.  – Timothy Ferriss

The book, The 4 Hour Work Week, was written by Timothy Ferriss, also known as Tim Ferriss.

Tim is an American entrepreneur, investor, public speaker and author.  He was nominated as one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People of 2007”.  His book, The 4 Hour Work Week, was published in 35 countries and formed part of New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Business week bestseller list.  He’s been featured in The Economist, TIMES, Forbes, Fortune, CNN and CBS.  He runs a multinational firm from wireless locations worldwide (outsourcing), and has been entrepreneurship guest lecturer in Princeton University.  He’s been known in presenting new ways and tools in solving old problems, introduced the concept of Lifestyle Design and world change in doing things.

I’ve heard of the book, The 4 Hour Work Week, back in 2008.  But it was only in early 2010 that I’ve finally took time to read it.

I’ve got interested with Tim’s ideas, concepts and teachings in The 4 Hour Work Week, because I was looking for alternative ways of doing things.  In those years, I was in the mid-peak of my competitive career as Professional Accountant and I was fast rising in the ladder of the corporate world.  However, despite the promising career, I was losing interest because I’ve realized that the world I was revolving in has completely changed.  Having a successful corporate career isn’t as secured, stable, prestigious and lucrative as it used to.  The traditional way of doing things no longer works in our new and innovative world.

In addition, I was changing too.  I was no longer getting satisfied and fulfilled working 16 to 20 hours a day in a box cubicle with only little financial progress.  The idea of working for 15-30 years before I can achieve financial success and live the lifestyle that I wanted concerns me,  I didn’t want to wait that long.  Plus, I was beginning to see that the world has changed so much:

  • job security no longer exist
  • big companies shuts down
  • unemployment rises because of massive job layoffs
  • outsourcing and re-organization cut cost on employee salaries and benefits
  • retirement benefits are not as secured as they used to
  • high employment uncertainty
  • lower employee value
  • global recessions and depressions

Those scenarios opened me to the reality that if I don’t take charge of my life, no one will and I will be doomed to hardship, physical, financially and emotionally.  Unlike before, people rely on companies and government to support and take care of their career or need, now, it’s not that guaranteed anymore.  It was already seen by how many people loses their jobs in short notices and the government is losing funds to sustain the needs of its people, plus the developed countries government debt crisis.  In that year, I decided I want to become an entrepreneur.  I want to take charge of my future, whatever the result will be.  I’ve aspired to spend my valuable time building my own company and work on it towards success.

It is very true that the world has changed, and to cope with the change, you need new ways of doing things.  The old traditional ways of doing things no longer works in this new, fast and innovative world.  If you won’t change, you’ll be left behind and become victim of change, instead of victor.

If there’s a negative effect of such world change, there are also a lot of positive results.  Because, now, it is easier to outsource things or jobs, and there’s a tremendous increase of young millionaires/ billionaires.  It’s only up to you if you have the courage to change or not.

As for me, I’ve chose to change and follow new ways of doing things.  And so far, it has brought me a lot of positive changes.  Although of course, there were setbacks and difficult moments, yet I’ve proved that the reward was more important than the failure, if you open yourself to learn and experience new ways of doing things.

The 4 Hour Work Week will show you new ways of doing things and it will help you design a better lifestyle.  However, it’s not for everyone.  If you are comfortable to traditional ways of doing things, and unwilling to take risk, skip this book.  It’s not for people who believe in security and stable life through constant paycheck.  But if you want to live a different lifestyle, more freedom of time, money and mobility, and if you are willing to face uncertainty or risk, this book is worth the read.

So without further do, here’s some of what you’ll expect from this book:

Content: The 4 Hour Work Week

The 4 Hour Work Week is for anyone who is sick of the deferred- life plan, and wants to live life large instead of postponing it.

Deferred-life plan means waiting until the end of your life to do what you really want.

The objective is to create freedom of time and place and use both however you want.  It will reverse the accepted default path of 80-hour-per-week jobs and 15-30 years soul-crushing work cycle.  It will explain why job description isn’t self-description and how to work less than four hours per week and still make more per month than you make in a year.

The 4 Hour Work Week will also introduce you to the concept of the term, “New Rich”, how they enjoy the currency of time and mobility.  And what an igloo-dwelling millionaire do that a cubicle-dweller doesn’t?

The 4 Hour Work Week will introduce and teach you the following:

  • What is the crucial difference between absolute and relative income?
  • How to train your boss to value performance over presence?
  • What automated cash-flow ‘muses’ are and how to create one in 2 to 4 weeks?
  • How to cultivate selective ignorance and create time – with a low information-diet?
  • What are the management secrets of remote control CEO are?
  • How to fill the void and create a meaningful life after removing work and the office?
  • How Tim went from $40,000 per year and 80 hours per week to $40,000 per month and 4 hours per week?
  • How to outsource your life to overseas virtual assistants for $5 per hour and do whatever you want?
  • How to eliminate 50% of your work in 48 hours using the principles of a forgotten Italian economist?
  • How to trade for a long-haul career for short work bursts and frequent mini-retirements?

There is a way to get the rewards for a life of hard work without waiting until the end. – Tim Ferriss

The main key of point of The 4 Hour Work Week is placed on the DEAL concepts that New Rich follows.  DEAL is a series of steps and strategies that can be used with incredible results – whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur.  It will help you maximize your time, to become more efficient rather than busy.

D – Definition

This will explain the overall lifestyle design recipe – the fundamentals.  It will introduce the rules and objectives of the new game.  It replaces self-defeating assumptions and explains concepts such as relative wealth.  Also, it will show who are the New Rich and how do they operate?

E – Elimination

This will provide the first of the three luxury lifestyle design ingredient: time.  It kills the obsolete notion of time management and shows exactly how an often-forgotten concept of an Italian economist turns 12-hour days into 2-hour days… in 48 hours.

A – Automation

This provides the second ingredient of luxury lifestyle design: income.  It will discuss how to put cash flow on autopilot using geographic arbitrage, outsourcing and rules of nondecision.

L – Liberation

This delivers the third and final ingredient for luxury lifestyle design: mobility.  It is to show the mobile manifesto for globally inclined.  Liberation is not about cheap travel, it is about forever breaking the bonds that confine you to a single location.


Life is neither a problem to be solved nor a game to be won.  Be bold and don’t worry about what people think.  They don’t do it often anyway.  – Tim Ferriss

The book, The 4 Hour Work Week, is a great source of new insights and ways of doing things.  The DEAL concept that Tim introduces will help you see alternative perspective on how you handle and do things.  You will realize how simple change of mindset, attitude and actions can increasingly change the outcome in your life.  If you are open-minded and willing to experiment, this book is a must-read for you.

However, as I’ve mentioned, if you are the type who wants comfort and doesn’t like change or risk, this is not a book for you.  I respect and understand your choice of not changing, because it’s indeed not an easy task to be open to change, especially, if you already live the comfortable life.

I, also, caution those who are eager to try this book that there’s a big difference between experimenting versus being stupid.  Remember, no person is the same.  So don’t expect 100% guarantee that what works for Tim will also work 100% for you.  Just use this book as a guide for you to formulate your own process and design your life.  Use the success of other people as motivation for you to succeed too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed and have been enlightened by this book review of The 4 Hour Work Week.

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