The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach Review

David Bach is an American financial author, television personality, motivational speaker and entrepreneur.  He is widely known for his writing and teaching a motivational financial book series entitled Finish Rich and Automatic Millionaire Book Series. His books have become national bestsellers and were nine (9) executive times included in the New York Times bestsellers list. He also regularly appears on television shows, such as NBC’s Today Show, CNN American Morning, CNBC, Fox Business, Oprah Winfrey Show, and many more.

It was in 2008 when I’ve first knew David Bach. I was having my regular coffee break at 3:00 in the morning (I was working on graveyard shift back then) when a co-worker joined me in the table.  I got a glimpse of a book that she was holding, it was entitled “Smart Women Finish Rich” written by David Bach.

I’ve carefully asked why she was reading the book; her answer was because she’s struggling with financial debt and money crisis that she grabs the book when she found it in the book store.

That’s when I’ve became interested in reading David Bach’s books.  At that time, I wasn’t in financial debt, yet I was not also financially satisfied.  I had a regular job that everyone thought was a dream any young girl would kill for, but I thought the opposite, I felt I was dying literally.  Not only because of the health risks in graveyard shift, as well as, financial risk.  For me, the job I’ve had back then was not financially/ monetarily satisfying, because the workload does not match the salary I was receiving. My hard work wasn’t giving me much financial freedom; instead, I felt I was trapped in the cycle of survival.

My monthly cycle was I work hard for more than 16 hours, day and night, which then gives me my pay check (salary).  The paycheck I receive was just enough to pay the rent, food and travel allowance.  Back then, I was the breadwinner of our family which is why I couldn’t even afford to buy the things I want for myself.  I don’t have money left to invest in buying my own house, car or travel to places.  That’s when I started to reflect about my financial future.  I’ve calculated how long will it take for me to invest on the things I want, and then answer I’ve got was tearful.  Then I’ve decided to take action and change my financial future.

That day I’ve decided I wanted to make a change in my financial future, I’ve immediately went to the book store to find David Bach’s book.  As a professional accountant, I give high value to formal education, however, I personally believe that formal education isn’t enough; you need to continue learning out of the formal schooling.  Such mindset is what pushed me to grab the book of David Bach’s entitled The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich. I wanted to open my mind and learn how to achieve financial success.

The Book:  The Automatic Millionaire

At first, I’ve thought the book The Automatic Millionaire was a get-rich quick book.

Personally, I don’t believe in getting rich quick.  It may have worked for a few, but for majority of people, it won’t.  Accumulating wealth, just like anything else in the world, takes time with proper discipline.

David Bach’s book, The Automatic Millionaire, is not a get-rich quick book.  It’s a book that will help you create your own financial plan to live and become rich.  What makes this book remarkable is that it does not only teach you how to plan for your financial future, but also it teaches you how to automate your wealth building, so that you can have a discipline action towards your financial plan, without the necessity to continuously reminding yourself.

David Bach emphasizes in this book, The Automatic Millionaire, that regardless of the size of your paycheck, you probably already make enough money to become rich.  It only needs for you to find the knowledge and discipline on how you will grow it.

Content: The Automatic Millionaire

The problem is not how much we earn… it’s how much we spend! – David Bach

Here are the key topics that were discussed in the book, The Automatic Millionaire, which I think are very relevant to learn by anyone who wants to achieve financial success:

Looking Rich vs. Being Rich

David Bach points out in this book the difference between looking rich versus being rich.  Oftentimes, we see a lot of people who look rich, they have nice houses, nice cars, nice clothes, nice accessories and they travel a lot, yet when you go into the details of what they really have, it often turns out that they are not only not rich but broke.

This topic will enlighten you.  It can help you reflect on which sides do you belong and where you want to belong.

The Latte Factor: Becoming an Automatic Millionaire on Just a Few Bucks a Day

A latte spurned is a fortune earned. – People Magazine

The latte factor is what made the book remarkable.  It explains that the so-called small things on which we waste money every day can add up in a hurry to life-changing amounts that ultimately can cost one person his/her financial freedom.  Reminding you that what matters is not how much you earn but how much you spend.

Learn to Pay Yourself First

Most people are only hoping to get rich, and hoping never works. – David Bach

In the book, The Automatic Millionaire, David defines what it means to pay yourself first. Personally, it wasn’t the first time I’ve heard about the concept of paying yourself first.  Yet, I’ve learned more from David’s teaching.  As he stated, the secret to creating lasting financial change is to decide to pay yourself first and then make it automatic.

Make it Automatic

Only plans that work are the ones that are automatic. – David Bach

The Automatic Millionaire discourses that whatever you want to do with your money you are paying yourself first, you need to have a system that doesn’t depend on your following a budget or being disciplined.  He describes the importance of having a financial system in place, you can automate your way to becoming financially free or millionaire.

Automate for the Rainy Days

No matter how well you plan or how you positively think, there are always things out of your control that can go wrong – sometimes really wrong. Some people worry about change, while others prepare for it. – David Bach

In the book, The Automatic Millionaire, David illustrates the necessity of building an emergency basket of cash.  He has also showed three rules on how to maintain emergency money and why you need to place it in an interest bearing savings or investments.

Automatic Debt-Free Home Ownership

You can’t get rich renting.  As an old saying goes, landlords get rich and renters stay poor. – David Bach

The Automatic Millionaire points you to a direction of becoming your own landlord.  Because the fact states that you aren’t really in the game of building wealth until you own some real estate.  In this book, David explains how you can have debt-free homeownership and why buying a real estate makes up a great investment opportunity.

The Automatic Debt-Free Lifestyle

For most of us, debt can be a trap that forces us to work longer than we should have to. – David Bach

Lastly, an important topic discussed in the book, The Automatic Millionaire, is how you are going to learn a series of concrete steps that will enable you to regain control over your credit cards and stay out of debt in the future.


The book, The Automatic Millionaire, may not help you get rich quick, but the lessons you will gain by reading it can create a huge financial change in your life.  I personally recommend it to those who are still searching ways on how to get out of debt, as well as to those who want to start creating a financially rich future.  However, I don’t want to recommend it to those who want to get rich quick and are unwilling to learn the ways on how to create financial success.

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You may also want to get this The Automatic Millionaire Workbook. The workbook will let you tailor the strategy to your own financial life in a line-by-line personal plan.

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