The Best Gifts to Give

It’s the month of December once again, the favourite month for many.  Aside from the cold weather (the snow for some part), singing carols, bright lights, parties and get-togethers, the most looked forward month is about “Giving”.  The gift giving spirit is now in the air.  You can see it by the bunch of people walking around the supermalls, trying to squeeze and find the best gifts they can share to their loved ones.

Probably, by now, you are already preparing on your Holiday Gift Shopping List, and you may be thinking hard on the coolest, hippest and best give you can give to people.  But before you go out there spending all your bonuses and hard earned salaries, let us talk about your gift giving options this Holiday season.

There are Two (2) Types of Giving:

1) Material

A thing in a physical substance that we can buy in the shop or do it ourselves, for the use of the receiver.

2) Non-Material

Something that cannot be bought in the shop but creates great affection to the receiver.

There’s an old saying,

The More You Give, the More is Received”.

This may be the hardest reason why most people go out there spending all their money just to give.  But there are other reasons too, just like these:

  • Compelled to give, because we receive gifts;
  • It’s been a tradition to give during Christmas Season;
  • Big Bonuses were given and we have lots of money to spend;
  • Its the only season of the year we are able to treat ourselves and our loved ones.

The Top Scarce Gifts You Can Give This Season

Our world becomes so materialistic and superficial that when in times of gift giving, we can only think of material things.  The world have become so abundant of material things, and in effect, arose the scarcity for non-material things such as these Five (5) Most Important Non-Material Gifts:

  1. LOVE
  2. TIME
  4. TRUST

Be reminded that the most important gift is not found in material things, most often, it’s found in the way we treat people, how we spend our time, and the way we show respect, love, trust and importance.  The world is lacking of these non-material but very important types of gifts.

This Christmas, forget the fancy wrapping gifts, and start showing non-material gifts you can ever give.  The world can become a better place to live, if we all know how to give more of non-material gifts and less of material things.


“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” -Kahlil Gibran

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